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  1. Introduce yourself.

    Hi, I'm Chris. 25, Student from the UK, studying software development. I have a desktop hackintosh and currently working on a laptop hackintosh also.
  2. Good morning. I am currently trying to install OSX using Clover as a bootloader on my laptop, I had this machine running Chameleon before, but it had no important information on it so i decided to wipe it clean and start fresh only installing OSX. I have the operating system installed, and i have installed Clover to the EFI partition on my drive and the bootloader appears, but unforunately when i try to boot the operating system i get this error, and cannot figure what to do? Error reading driver 'System\Library\Extensions\IOSCSIArchitectureModelFamily.kext\Contents\Plugins\IOSCSIMultimediaCommandsDevice.kext\Contents\MacOS\'.........................................+++++++++++++++++++++++ I have no SCSI or IDE drives, the DVD drive is a ATA Slimline Phillips & Liteon. "Slimtype DVD A DS8A5SH ATA Device" Any help will be greatly appreciated.