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  1. I installed it. Spent many hours trying to fix it now. Changing BIOS settings, trying different kext, flags etc..etc.. *edit* Got it to work with another method (that i cant say in this forum?) but i am sure this vanilla method would work too if i figured out what was wrong. I came across alot of obstacles including enumerating USB and not finding root device that was solved by taking out the usb stick and putting it in another slot while it was running.. fun hack.. then i needed PCIRootUID=0 or the screen went black. Now it all works and i am getting "decent" bench scores. I am not going to fiddle with it more atm. I don't use any DSDT etc.. but i will later to get maximum performance out of the system. Got a bit off topic sorry. Thanks for this great guide anyway. I learned alot from it.
  2. Hi, I follow this excellent guide very carfully but i cant get past the boot sequence. I have tried the common boot flags to no avail. From reading previous posts i found that i need to do 3.b but i cant even get to the installer so i am kind of stuck. My hardware is Sabertooth P67 + i5 +GTX570 +4GB RAM