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    Building or buying a PC with up to date new components that is/are readily available in Australia; runs or could run OS X 10.7 or 10.8 with mid range performance at a reasonable price; a hackintosh that is CPU and other component upgradeable to allow a working life of at least four years.
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    Hi, I'm Aussie from Australia. The following is long for an introduction but explains why I am here. Aim: Via this site I hope to learn how to build an up-to-date PC with new 'recently' released components (e.g., motherboard late 2011 to 2012 release) readily available here in Oz and supplied locally; I'm open to the idea an 'off the shelf' PC option (or laptop) for warranty reasons e.g., Dell, HP etc; desktop preferred over laptop but am open minded; that will run at least OS X 10.7 and hopefully 10.8 and beyond (will also be running Linux and Windows if my hackintosh project fails); that has initially 'mid' range performance-at least as good as Apple hardware of similar spec but hopefully better; that is CPU and other component upgradeable as budget allows (e.g., may start with i5 and upgrade to i7 depending on the cost of build of a desktop solution); that offers a cost advantage to Apple hardware of similar spec; that will have at least a four year working life. I've attempted to research hardware options via this site in the past but have found a good deal of the hardware is dated (at least that is the opinion of the suppliers I've talked to and my project has faltered before purchasing). I'm trying to avoid 'special orders' as this attracts a premium. As my country has a smallish population supply issues can arise. I'm trying to aim at PCs or components that are sold in volume here so that cost is minimised. The process of, for example, cross referencing motherboard models between the hardware compatability list, the manufacturers web sites, and what is available locally is tricky and exhausting. I'm hoping to learn from the advice and experience of others to add to my own 'research' and speed up the project. I've basically got to get it right from the start. If I can't get a workable spec right on 'paper' in a reasonable time frame I may give up and buy Apple hardware or even switch and go to the 'dark side' Cheers Aussie