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  1. Wich hardware specifications you want? i told you my graphic card, and i don't think its bios problem since i have in this same computer a working hackintosh of mountain lion, This is my hardware specs: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf-JAVA/Doc/pdf/c01560085.pdf i can boot with -x but i wanted to fix that, i want to boot without being in safe mode, because in safe mode i can't do much thing :/ Thank you
  2. I dont think it would be from the graphics because the system even on safe mode can detect my graphic card. I have an hp dv5-1040ep core 2 duo 9600m gt and 4gb ddr 2 ram, i have the mountain lion fully working, and now wanted to upgrade to mavericks, wich kexts should i use from ML if any? Thank you
  3. I made it right in preview but when i uploaded it turned that way :/ thats why i said that i couldnt make it right, but if you download it i guess it will be on right direction
  4. Hello i did everything as you explained in the post but i can't get it to boot, it just boots with -x and after i install is the same thing it hangs exactly in the same place i'll post here a picture of where it hangs. I have mountain lion installed in this pc and everything works just fine.. Thanks ups the image is upside down but i can't get it right to here hope you guys can understand it Thanks a lot i've reuploaded the image now