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  1. I forgot to mention that after the unsuccefull attempt with the nvenabler , the system info says that i have the 6200 TC , the first link is for snow leopard, not Lion, and the second is a bit complex, i'm willing to try it but i got tired of the installations , if anything goes wrong is it possible to boot in single user and fix it?
  2. I recently tried to install OSX on an old M/B ,an Asus P5K with a core 2 CPU and 4gigs of ram, for VGA i used an Nvidia 6200 Turbocache. I'm not new to computer technology but it took me about 10 installs using iatkos L2 disk in order to boot the Mac, the problem was that if i tried to use either the graphics enabler, or the nvenabler the system hang. Also i read somewhere else that in order to use my card i have to do it in 32bit mode, so in my current installation i made it boot in 32bit with the graphics enabler disabled. I've allready tried the nvenabler found elsewere (not the iatkos L2 disk) that also resulted in a crash and a reboot in single user mode in order to delete the nvidia kext files , the enabler was named nvenabler64.kext is this posibly my problem? and if so is there a version for 32bit? Has anyone using Lion with this specific VGA? Thanx in advance