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  1. The SMBios plist file is fully editable, so just remove Tony's information. Leaving that field empty won't do any harm (to my knowledge).
  2. Permanently Banned From Tonymacx86

    Hi all thanks for the response. I'm not a networking guru, but my friend told me, as mentioned by others who replied, that it is a simple IP black list. The major point here is that I was blocked, but only after being allowed to log in to the banned account. This shows they were purposefully leaving it up to keep the info contributed to their community whilst blocking me out as much as possible. Also keep in mind that I was never notified of any violations, and this rule didn't exist back when it was just a blogspot account.
  3. Permanently Banned From Tonymacx86

    Well everyone, I know this post is a bit late, but I was just banned 2 days ago from Tony's site. My offense? Registering with more than one email address (which is *now* against the rules). Being a user of the site and finding and giving help for over two years I was a bit stunned one day to find that the site was literally not reachable. Any browser on any device I use (iPad over WiFi, PC, Macbook, etc *at home* cannot find the address. Since I'm not a complete dummy I figured out that Tony has implemented a considerably sophistacated system within his revamped website to prevent banned users from accessing the site. What happens before your IP is blocked is you are allowed to log onto the banned account, but unable to change any settings. During this time the site will launch scripts in the background (you will notice them launching in the browser) to capture your device info as well as the IP address. That information then goes onto a black list, which in effect hides the website's existance from any device operating on that particular IP. To test this I went to my library and tried logging onto my banned accounts. The exact same thing happened: couldn't change settings, scripts ran, logged out, closed browser, opened browser and typed URL.... Nothing. Using yet another computer (which hadn't touched his website before), I went to the local community college and hopped on the WiFi, created a new account (which used a completely different email address from the others used to create accounts), and was good to go. I should now be able to use that account to sign into the website via a proxy server - but you have to be careful, because his site detects the popular proxy websites and blocks them. So how's that hackintosh community spirit Tony? I created multiple accounts, using different email addresses, but I had my reasons, and I wasn't spamming anyone. Tony's blatent copying of the work of others in the community is also maddening. I wish more people knew who the real Tony and Mac Man were....... UPDATE: I re-registered to Tony's site only because a few people needed my help. I in no way condone the website or its tools/resources. InsanelyMac is my new home. Let's just hope the rest of the worldwide hackintosh community doesn't have to pay with them. If Apple ever takes legal action against Tony let's hope they understand that he doesn't represent the hackintosh community and that *he* is the one infringing on copyrights and stealing material from both Apple and the hackintosh devs.