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  1. [How To] Intel DG35EC Guide

    Has anyone gotten OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) to work on this motherboard? Any chance of getting the guide updated? I've installed MyHack, and it does at least run, but I've got no sound, no ethernet, and the video isn't fully supported (probably due to onboard graphics.. I'll add another graphics card after I get ethernet and audio working (KISS rule - Keep it simple stupid). Trying to play with .kext files, etc. but I don't have much in the way of experience and the locations seems to have changed. Thanks! Mike
  2. Introduce yourself.

    Hey all, name is Mike.. Came across a FREE system, and thought I'd give OSX86 a shot. I've been a Mac/PC user for 30 years, and have hacked everything from Tivo's, XBOXs, iPhones, Droids, etc. Mike