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  1. This is the error after i boot with fakesmc installed on s/l/e https://www.upsieutoc.com/image/pV1m
  2. this is my config.plist <key>InjectKexts</key> <string>Detect</string>
  3. I am using clover and using yosemite 10.10.2, when i install the fakesmc kext, i have error when boot. However, in the efi/clover/kext/other, there is the fakesmc. So, do i still need to install fakesmc kext to S/L/E ? Sry for my bad english !
  4. Intel HD Graphics Patcher

    which version of of intelhd does this patch support ?, 1st or 2nd or 3rd or haswell ?
  5. AppleHDA kext not load

    Thank you a lot for helping me.
  6. AppleHDA kext not load

    Yes, only when i choose boot with no cache, everything work well !. When i choose fix HPET or patch IRQ at DSDT, headphone is no sound !
  7. AppleHDA kext not load

    Thank you, but now i realize that after i choose fix HPET or patch IRQ on my dsdt, when i plug in a headphone, the sound setting regconize the headphone but no sound in the headphone. Is this another problem ?
  8. AppleHDA kext not load

    THank a lot, it works now..But i wonder can i patch my dsdt instead of choosing fix HPET at clover config
  9. I am using maverick 10.9.4 (clover) with ACL 270 patched successfully. However, the kext only work well when i boot with no using cache kext, Everyhing work well. But when i boot normal, only the "AppleHDAController" is loaded, the kext "AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver" and "AppleHDA" are not loaded, so no input/output device in sound setting. How can i force these kext to be loaded ? Thanks a lot
  10. the link die, can you send the driver plz..thank u very much !
  11. Clover General discussion

    this is the 1st time i use clover, i don't know how to boot clover with bootflag dart=0 ?
  12. I make an installer 10.8.3 retail with clover and boot uefi. My HDD also is gpt and i have installed window 8 uefi first. WHen i boot to installer to install macos, it boot well. But after installation is done, i try the first boot to the partition i have installed macos on, in verbose mode, i stop here ( in the image attachment) and auto restart the laptop. Sry for my bad english !