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  1. Need help with my Dell laptop

    That system info thing says that my Java isn't up to date enough to run it. Anyway looking at screenshots of that program I have noticed that my OSX86 distribution has got something like that built in to it's utilities when you actually run an install process. But most of things just say that they are Intel/unknown. It also says that my Ethernet card is a Realtek R8111 which is all nice and dandy but I have no idea how to make my WiFi work anyway. But also I Same applies to my sound card. It says it's Intel HDA (High definition audio card) and this is it's exact name. I have tried couple of HDA drivers for it that have been added to my distribution but none of them actually make my hacintosh make or pick up any sound at all. Any clues? Also could someone give me a link or very simply explain to me how to manage my kexts because every time I want to do something with them I have to re-install my OSX. I have tried to add something on my own later on but it just ended up in big crash and no booting. Cheers.
  2. Need help with my Dell laptop

    Update: I have managed to get almost everything going. Keyboard, Mousepad, GPU, CPU shows up properly now, all USB ports are working 100% fine. I still have problems with getting my audio going. I have installed AppleAzaliaAudio kext with soundflower and it seams to work fine, volume buttons are now on and it all shows up correctly in my system info, except i can't get any sound in or out of it. I still can't get my WiFi working. Cable connection works fine but I need my WiFi. Please help.
  3. Hi there, I have successfully installed OSX86 on my desktop PC before. It didn't seem easy at first because it was made with ATi/AMD components and back in the day it was quite hard to get drivers for it. But I finally came across an xXx 10.5.6 distribution which started up nicely from DVD and had everything I needed to get my PC going. I have managed to get it all working perfectly pretty much after trying twice I think (had a small problem with recognising my HDDs and booting properly, but I have moved my main HDD into one of those USB boxes and used my secondary one as a main drive as it came up straight away). Anyways, I know 10.5.6 is a bit dated now but I was running it regardless as it was really trouble free and very very stable. Didn't have a single problem with it. EVER. So, I have managed to buy an old(ish), discarded laptop from my wife's work. It's a Dell Vostro 1520, obviously I want to get OSX running on it. I have tried my old distribution but it's list is missing most of drivers I need. It all starts up nicely if I just push it trough without selecting anything, but It runs without built-in keyboard (although volume and other multimedia buttons work ok :S), sound, network, not sure about USB, uses native resolution and when I check up on hardware lists most of it states 'uknown' (including processor). I was hoping if you guys could point me in some direction of drivers and patches that I would need and how to install them. Or maybe some other distro that is known for working in such a simple way as my old xXx distro. Anyways, here's the spec list of it: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 @ 2,53GHz CHIPSET: Mobile Intel GM45 Express GPU: GeForce 9300M GS - got that going no poblem Audio: High Definition Audio - That's one of my main problems, it's some sort of unknown generic soundcards. Or maybe I haven't looked hard enough. Network: Yet again some sort of generic Dell made system. No idea. I had problem with getting that working straight after I got rid of pre-installed Vista. Tried Ubuntu 10.12 last night and it didn't have idea what's going on. As you can imagine - No WiFi. Haven't tried cable though, but I have to get it working. for more in depth details the full spec list of it is here: http://www.lapspecs....ell vostro 1520 So yea, I need any sort of helpm becuase there's not much about running OSX86 on those. I would love to get it working as no-nonsense as possible as I want to give it to my parents when I'm done with it Thank you for all your help up front. Cheers, Tom PS. Sorry for a bloody essay