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  1. GTX 660 Noise and AGPM

    Hey there! I've finally installed my 10.8.2 on Hackintosh. It's based on Core i5 3470 and MSI Z77-GD55. Everything works like a charm with fully working GPU. I have a little problem only. It's not a little, actually. How to start it... I hear some annoying noises from GPU. For example when resizing window or typing in TextEdit. I work in PhpStorm developing web projects. I moved to OS X because of... everybody knows why. GPU screeches while operations like these. It's annoying when you type code and hear your computer "works" with you. Moreover, there's no problem on Windows 8 or Linux Debian. I figured out it's 100% GPU because after switching to 8800GTS G92 all is gone. GTX 660 is connected by HDMI to 27" LG FullHD monitor. I noticed important thing. I opened PhpStorm application and resized window to about 30% of display. Sound is quiet when typing code. Resized to 100% and GPU's very loud. After 100% resized in the right corner it's more than louder. Resizing project's window makes the noise as well. I really can't describe what it is but it's hearable like GPU thinking or old HDD. I am using SSD so it's not the disk. What more... I edited AppleGraphicsPowerManagment.Kext many times. Nothing really worked with tutorials found on this forum and another sites/boards. I'm using the newest Chameleon. Moreover, I tried many, many setups with DSDT/SSDT/C-States/P-States etc. Looks like the sound doesn't depend on anything. It's just every time. One more thing is that resizing or typing in Safari (for example now, creating this post) is totally quiet. Strange? If it's not GPU then what? CPU? EIST enabled/disabled in UEFI and doesn't matter at all. It also may be CPU Power Management because I saw that Kernel Logs says "CPU Power Management may be incomplete or disable". I'd like to see your opinion. One of you may have the same problem I have. I almost forgot. My ears are sensitive and this is big deal for me, unfortunately, eh... Glad to see any response! PS. If I wrote in a bad category, please move it. Marcin