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  1. با سلام به همه ی دوستان. من بعد از مدت ها تلاش تونستم مک ۱۰.۸ رو نصب کنم و بعد هم به ۱۰.۹ ارتقا دادم. آروم آروم با سعی و خطا تونستم همه ی هاردویر سیستم رو شناسایی کنم. سعی می کنم تو اینجا به دوستانی که به کمک نیاز دارن با استفاده از تجربیاتم کمک کنم! دوستان من به همه پیشنهاد می کنم که با ورژن ۱۰.۹ شروع کنن که دیگه مشکل آپگرید نداشته باشین. سعید جان مشکل شما یکی از مشکل هایی که خودم نصف مو های سرم سرش ریخت تا تونستم درستش کنم. مشکل از NullCPUPowerManager نیست. مشکل از شناسایی خروجی کارت گرافیک توسط کامیلیونه. برای این که درستش کنی باید اول بتونی وارد سیستم بشی. برای این کار باید همه ی ککست های گرافیک رو پاک کنی. الآن احتمالا میگی اوه شیت! ولی راحته این کار. با آپشن های -v -s بوت کن و می بینی که یه شل (یه چیز که می تونی توش یه مقدار چرت و پرت تایپ کنی و اون یه سری فایل رو دیلیت می کنه) بهت میده. توی اون شل اول باید روت رو تو حالت قابل خواندن و نوشتن مانت کنی! این یعنی این که می گی آقا من می خوام یه چیزی رو عوض کنم! دستور های زیر رو بزن که این اتفاق بیفته. /sbin/fsck -fyو /sbin/mount -uw / دستور اول فایل سیستم رو چک می کنه که مطمئن بشه که همه چیز درسته قبل اینکه یه چیزی رو عوض کنیم تا هارد به فنا نره! دستور دوم هم که روت رو به حالت خواندن و نوشتن مانت می کنه! بعد باید بری تو فولدر ککست ها. دستور زیر رو وارد کن و انتر کن. cd /System/Library/Extensions یه فولدر بکاپ درست کن mkdir /backup بعد هم ککست ها رو منتقل کن به فولدر بکاپ با این دستور: mv AMD*.kext AppleIntelHD*.kext NVDA*.kext Geforce*.kext /backup/ و در آخر هم ریست کن سیستم رو reboot بعد سیستم ات احتمالا بالا میاد ولی گرافیک رو نمیشناسه. بعد اکه سرچ کنی مدل کارت گرافیک رو احتمالا خیلی آموزش هست که چطوری درست کنی کارت رو از تو سیستم. اگه کارت ات مدل ۴۰۰۰ هست آموزش زیر رو بخون: http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/07/intel-hd-4000-hackintosh.html بعد از اینکه کارت رو درست کردی یادت نره همه ی ککست هارو کپی کن سر جاشون دوباره. دستور زیر رو از توی اپ ترمینال سیستم ران کن بعد این که آموزش رو دنبال کردی: cd /backup cp -r * /System/Library/Extensions/ بعد هم ریستارت کن. یادت نره بعد ریستارت با آپشن های -x -v -f UseKernelCache=No بوت کنی تا دوباره همه ی ککست ها لود شن اگه شما یا کس دیگه ای کمک بیشتری خواستین می تونین پیام خصوصی بدین یا با ایمیل من miro[at]linux[dot]com تماس بگیرین. موفق باشید.
  2. Broadcom 43225 Device ID fix for 10.8.5+?

    Since 10.8.4 it's possible... Because I just did it!!! and for the information newer Broadcom cards like 4357 can not be rebranded because Broadcom implemented something that blocks the change... Here is the proof: WIFI-WORKING.tiff Credits go to toleda ( https://github.com/toleda/airport_pcie-hm ) I just had to install the enabler kext and then insert my device id into 4360's kext.. and it was working For other guys to use them, I have attached the working kexts for 10.9 Mavericks (I don't know if they will work on 10.8 ML or not, so test please..) Supported Cards (According to toleda): Native Airport PCIe Half Mini cards. 2. BCM4360 - 2.4/5 GHz, ac+abgn, 3 Stream, 1300 Mbs (PCIe x1, not HM at this time) 3. AR9280 - 2.4/5 GHz, abgn, 2 Stream, 300 Mbs 4. AR9380 - 2.4/5 GHz, abgn, 3 Stream, 450 Mbs Non-Native Airport PCIe Half Mini cards 1. BCM943224 HMS - 2.4/5, GHz abgn, 2 stream, 300 Mbs 1. BCM943225 HMS - 2.4/5 GHz, bgn, 2 stream, 300 Mbs 2. BCM943225 HMB - 2.4/5 GHz, bgn, 2 stream, 300 Mbs + BT (3.0) 3. BCM94352 HMB - 2.4/5 GHz, ac+abgn, 2 stream, 867 Mbs + BT (4.0) 4. AR9285 - 2.4 GHz, abgn, 1 stream, 150 Mbs 5. AR9287 - 2.4 GHz, abgn, 2 stream, 300 Mbs WIFI-WORKING.tiff WifiKexts.zip
  3. Thanks, that did the trick
  4. Hello.. As you guys know about the OSx's problem with Broadcom cards (matches the sub-vendor-id with apple's vendor-id), we couldn't use them on our lovely hackintoshes... Now from this compatibility list (https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0Arr23WYNror4dEc2T045WkFrbm56N0JfQVdiSU5jdHc&hl=ru) if some guy made.. (Sorry it's in Russian) I see that from 10.8.5+ some of the cards like (43224 & 43225) might work with osx with the device id fix.... I don't know actually who updates the list so I want to ask you guys to do a favor to the community and write a tutorial on how to do that (if possible), because many of us (like me) have this cards in our laptops and we will be happy if they work So far I injected my device id (14e4:4357) into each of the 3 kexts (4331, 4360, 43224) but no result so far (I see they are loaded in kextstat but I see no wifi being enabled.. ) Thanks
  5. Hi everyone.. I have been using Mavericks DP1 on my laptop fine and I decided to catch up with the updates and update to DP6.. So I updated to DP6 with the combo updater and it went fine but after rebooting all I get is the apple logo with the loading circle on the bottom. and it seems to take forever to load.. With -v I get a white screen then it switches to a black (terminal-like) screen which I don't see any activity on but I see the hdd working (it's possibly restoring windows).. So I guess this is a graphic related issue.. I tried so many solutions but none of them worked.. I deleted TESLA related kexts beacuse they were the only differencies I could spot from the DP1 but it didn't work. I tried GraphicsEnabler=No, no result, -x no result,... This problem is driving me crazy because it's just weird.. I wonder if you guys can share your graphic kexts (NVDANV50HAL, NVDAResman, Geforce, ....) for me to test if they work? Here are my specs: HP DV6-2190 CPU = Intel Core i7 720 QM 1st gen GPU = NVidia GT230M Thanks
  6. Yes the laptop has a nVidia GT 230M 1024mb in it with no on-board cards. It took me 2 months to figure out how to make that card work! Problem with GT230M on a 10.8.2 HP Laptop - nVidia - InsanelyMac Forum
  7. Hi there. I have Mountain Lion on my HP laptop with sleep working (with open/close LID also) . My laptop is on AC + Battery Everyday but at nights ( The battery is 100% ) I close the lid and it goes to sleep and I unplug the AC and let it be on battery for the whole night ( At mornings I get 80% battery which is so far so good ). However last night I did the same but in the middle of the night the battery had compromised the plan and failed so the laptop ( I guess, because I wasn't awake ) died being on sleep mode. This morning when i opened the lid expecting it to welcome me warmly I saw it is turned off so I knew something was wrong. When I tried to turn it on it didn't on battery ( No reaction to the power button ) but It turned on on AC but it didn't even display the HP logo at the very first and so It was broke. I assumed it was the LCD dying but it wasn't. After so many ways ( Hard-reset using power key, trying to boot into OS blindly, ... ) I finally solved it by opening the laptop and forcing a CMOS Reset by removing my BIOS battery and RAMs. So It turned on this time and displayed me a message saying that the CMOS checksum is invalid and so we need to reset the CMOS I preesed OK and it restarted and everything was working fine again however I noticed that I have a problem with my battery. On Windows it says 0% plugged in, charging.. but it won't charge. for 2/3 hours the battery level is the same 0%. I tried flashing the bios again but it didn't help. Any ideas about this?
  8. PS/2 keyboard and mouse

    Have you tried VoodooPS2 kexts? I think you should remove apple ps2 controller kexts when you install voodoo kexts
  9. No trackpad/keyboard/usb after install

    I saw you have attached the DSDT too. Are you putting it in the right location? because I can see this in the log: ACPI table not found: DSDT.aml So it doesn't find your DSDT file.
  10. Asus nVidia GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 Working!

    Finally I got my faulty GT230M working with this method with a little alter ( I used the VGA / DVI-I ) option in the generator. And I thank you so much for writing this... http://www.insanelym...1082-hp-laptop/
  11. Problem with GT230M on a 10.8.2 HP Laptop

    Ok finally I managed to boot with NVDAResman being in place and acceleration enabled with QE/CI ( I get animation very good in the Dashboard, etc. ) with adding some EFI string. Really strange... I must confess that this used to happen in my early installations of ML on this system but too rare. I mean it booted once and when I rebooted with the same EXACT settings it didn't boot and after some reboots ( randomly ) booted. It is too strange but I don't know if it will boot up when I reboot this or no, but it's worth a shot. EDIT: So finally I got it working. After two reboots and more this boots very good and I get smooth animations and QE/CI is enabled. I think I should welcome myself to the community. I'm happy because I've been on this for MORE than a MONTH or TWO and that is so much trying and failing but after all succeeding. I tried too many ways ( more than 20-30 things ) and replaced so many kexts ( a lot of them ). I will write a post dedicated to this issue and try to help other's that are having this strange issue because I saw so many people having this issue but they couldn't solve it. Briefly this was the guide which helped me : http://www.insanelym...b-ddr3-working/ ( Thanks to the Hackintosh2000 who wrote that guide. ) I only changed a thing in the tutorial it was that the NVCAP value was incorrect on that tutorial and that was causing me not to be able to boot. I just selected VGA / DVI-I instead of DVI-I / VGA and that solved. For others to be able to solve the issue: EFI String: http://pastebin.com/dCyn8c1S Final Plist : http://www.4shared.com/file/Mbqgh2uS/orgchameleonBoot.html
  12. Problem with GT230M on a 10.8.2 HP Laptop

    I downloaded and tested the EFI Studio but seems that makes no difference. I tried to inject my NVCAP and other things into NVEnabler and it didn't work too. I tried DSDT patching too but it had many problems with my MB and CPU and caused PCI kernel panics so I tried to remove it and search for another way to solve it. I even noticed that Apple released 10.8.4 preview for devs and it has graphics driver improvements and got the build and upgraded my OS to 10.8.4 but it didn't solve it either. but I managed to boot without NVDAResman again. so I think it most be a problem with my Graphics Card that is acting very strange.. (
  13. Problem with GT230M on a 10.8.2 HP Laptop

    I have tried with no success. So any other ways I can overcome this issue? Why the Lion kexts won't work on ML?
  14. Problem with GT230M on a 10.8.2 HP Laptop

    Thx for your reply. But I have already did that and the results are that I said in the OP. Only graphics kexts now I have on my S/L/E are: GeForce.kext GeForceGA.plugin GeForceGLDriver.bundle GeForceVADriver.bundle NVDANV50HAL.kext NVDAGK100HAL.kext NVDAGF100HAL.kext You mean that I should move other nvidia drivers as well ?
  15. Hello there. I have installed the 10.8.2 on my HP DV6-2190 laptop which has a dedicated GT230M (G92 Core) Graphics card with no issues. But however when I want to boot into it the booting gets stuck at something like that it has identified my ethernet adapter and wont go further. (I'm using the chameleons GraphicsEnabler=Yes option.) But after some playing with kexts after I removed the NVDAResman kext it booted and I was able to get into the system but actually with 1024x768 resolution (my native is 1366x768) and without acceleration and QE/CI as expected ( I have removed the resolution manager. right? ). After putting the NVDAResman back it again freezes and seems like it's causing the problem. But very interesting it is right and fully working with Lion 10.7.2. As an experiment i put back the NVDAResman of Lion which I had as an backup but I kept getting link failed errors from the NVDANV50Hal kext. It is really strange because others have reported this card to be working and it won't on mine. Do you guys have any idea about this thing? Just say and I will test anything to get it working.