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    Two years down the road, and things haven't changed one bit. looks like I wasn't the only one. I count myself as pretty computer savvy, having grown up with an old Apple IIe/Adlib device before moving to PCs then Macs, and working on UNIX/VMS at work. So I recently got myself a Mini 2012 and tried to load Windows x32 on BootCamp and found that Apple seems to have dropped support for 32 bit versions on the newer platforms (contrary to what's normally posted. A few other users have also complained of the same problem. I finally found a workaround using another of my older Macs to download the windowssupport drivers for 32 bit and I linked to the right Intel chipset/graphics drivers that would work for the Mini. So it's weird to be accused of going off topic when the change in direction when I get asked why I need 32 bit support (and I answer that) and then told off to go buy a PC.