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  1. Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Mac Install Guide

    i just got my ethernet working i used this link because my mother board is rev 1.1: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/284119-experimental-atheros-ar813132515261627172-driver-for-107108/
  2. Can i use My Hack ivy league and OS 10.6

    is there any difference installing kext in Extras/Extensions vs System/Library/Extensions...... i would prefer my none standard things go in Extra/Extensions ... sorry for the stupid questions.
  3. Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Mac Install Guide

    my configurations is simalier .... my processor is 3570k which should support HD4000. My mobo is rev 1.1 but a ga-z77-ds3h. it my understanding that needs an updateded Anthros ktext ... it the one listed here didnt work with my snow leapord install, but i havent tried with my mountain lion install yet ... to be honest i am learning and trying lots of stuff now so bear with me.
  4. Can i use My Hack ivy league and OS 10.6

    i know, should be bridge !!!! ty epp357, i think they are using a rev 1.0 mobo and from my reading rev 1.1 needs newer ethernet Kext, but i read that over n over and it did help alot .... i did a 'my hack' install since i wrote this and i may grab another hard drive and try the way he did. the learning curve is pretty step and my only mac left in the house is a g5. i think i may start a build log in here just up date on my progress.
  5. Can i use My Hack ivy league and OS 10.6

    i just got os 10.8 and the combo 10.8.2 and installed with 'my hack'. .... the graphics dont support any resolution other than 1024 x 768, my sound doesnt work and lan doesnt work. I have all sleep and energy savings turned off. any tips appriciated and i will keep people updated.
  6. Has anyone had any luck with My Hack, OS 10.6, Gigabyte UEFI & Ivy Bridge (not league lol). Any tips appreciated. My BASIC system up and running using ######. i would rather not use beast stuff for reasons mentioned in this group and others .... and i dont have 10.8 yet and while im waiting i would like to do a build on 10.6. i have tried using myHack to install OS X 10.6 but i keep having boot 0 & boot 1 errors. i have made installer sticks formated both GUID and MBR but still havent had any luck ..... should i keep trying or wait till i get 10.8 (my only running macs are g5 & and this hackintosh). My system specs are listed in my signature. Thank YOU.
  7. Introduce yourself

    Nice to meet everyone ... i am goin to elsewhere at what tools the folks here like ... at first this hackintosh seemed overwelming but now that my feet wet i am liking it.
  8. Installing Hackintosh on FX-8120

    good luck with ur install, i am new too & just bought a FX-8120 & GA-970a-ud3, i just got my hackintosh up and runnin with OX 10.6.8, but i am goin to install the kext for sound and other stuff slow and try to figure this out. my machine is a i5-8570 i believe with GA-z77-fs3h. if i know the amd works i might go that route.
  9. Introduce yourself

    Hi i am chuck ... i am software engineer but only the last 10 years .... i had macs since the apple II. I just got GA-z77-ds3h r1.1, an ivy league and i am running on board video. I am building a new AMD build too on the evil window side .... its up and runnin on 4.6.8 but like everyone else no audio or ethernet. Tonight i may borrow a friends mac to download the 10.8 update ... but looks like a while till its up to par. ... got to run but nice to meet everyone.
  10. Introduce yourself

    Hi i am Chuck a long time mac user, since way before System 10, i know unix ok, enough to develop C++ software on. i have never set up linux system, and and only use the terminal occasionally and stay in my home folders. Mainly coz on Mac i never 100% sure how its Unix is OS 10 specific. I am hopin to buy a GA-z77-DSRH and an i5-3570 and make a Hacintosh. I love macs but over the last 10 years they have gotton too expensive to buy anything but refurbs and used machines. My last laptop broke a few months, and i just cant afford a replacement so i was gonna try this. I have built 5 to 10 pc's because i game too. somewhere around 2000-2005 macs just got to expensive to game with. Thank for the the forem and hackintosh comunitty.