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  1. 2 iPads, one computer. Now?

    Ok so here is the scenario... My dad has an iPad 2 and we connect it with my computer, in my computer account, in my iTunes with HIS email/Apple ID. Now I buy the iPad Mini anytime soon. If I want to connect the new iPad Mini to my computer, with my computer account, in my iTunes with MY email/Apple ID will it work? Or will the iTunes go all wonky and the large hadron collider exploded? I am just new to the Apple ecosystem so I ask this...
  2. Introduce yourself.

    Greetings all. I am iCeborg and I reside in the cold netherworld of Cyberia. I have been successful with my last two attempts of installing OS X on my desktop, and this is my third attempt and this time, I plan to install Mountain Lion on my desktop. I am usually just a PM away, so just shoot any questions you have... Cheers! iCeborg.
  3. Hey all, I have a DG31PR motherboard. I already have two harddisks attached. One has Windows 8 and the other one has Windows 7. Now, I wish to run Mountain Lion on the third. Wanted to know if my motherboard will support a third HDD. Also, what type should it be? I mean, SSD, HDD, something else? I have 4 GB RAM and 512 MB of Graphic Card, Nvidia 9400GT. THanx! iCeborg.
  4. iPad Mini - White or Black?

    Hey all, My first post here, though I am not new to hackintosh. Anyways, I might soon buy the iPad Mini, but I can't decide the colour. White or Black? I am going to read a lot, ebooks, magazines, surf the net and read articles online. Little gaming and practically no to very little music. Could anyone suggest a little. Keep in mind, I am a guy, so hopefully White won't be...er...a little girlie you know. Thanks.