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  1. [Guide] ML Install Guide for Lenovo G580

    I have a g580 (2689) with I5-3210, followed this guide and everything works as promised. Still a lot that doesn't work but it's functional, got brightness control using fn+ins and fn+Home, using PNLF_SB patch from DSDT editor patchs located in sandy notebook folder. Also patched EHCI and EHCI sleep, close to functional sleep but audio no longer works on resume. Also generate P and C states in chameleon plist editor. Seemed to have added an hour or so to battery life. Added I5 ssdt in mbeast also, not sure if it did anything. Runs Final cut X fairly well, render times are faster then my friends year old macbook pro. Would like to get functional sleep, remap brightness keys to up and down arrows and HDMI output working. Also would like USB 3.0 to be 2.0 compatible but have no idea where to start on that. Haven't been able to ditch NullPower yet, also a goal. Internal mic does not work also. Tried some of the voodoo options but most of them caused a feedback loop. FYI WLAN PCI adapter cannot be swapped out, I bought the suggested card and the BIOS whitelist does not allow it. It appears that it cannot currently be edited because there is no copy of the BIOS in the wild yet. Only cards on Lenovos FRU list will work and none appear to be OSX compatible yet. If someone knows of a way to edit the Whitelist with only a backup copy of the BIOS I would love to know about it otherwise it looks like im stuck with USB wifi taking up the only 2.0 port since the 3.0 are currently not backwards compatible. Alberto, Which model of g580 do you have 2189 or 2689? Also would it be possible for you to list what you patched in the DSDT, I assume you made your own from scratch. Did you use patches from DSDT editor or some manual changes also? Have you made any changes since the guide? Thanks for what you did, I bought my G580 after seeing your guide posted. Can't stand the textured touchpad, and I must have bumped it 20 times typing this it's to big and to easy to hit, kind of a dumb design but all in all a good machine for the price.