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  1. [How TO] ATi Mobility Radeon 3000/3100/3200 Leopard and Snow Leopard

    Isn´t it 1366x768? Can i have a screenshot of the settings-window where the resolutions are? (you take a screenshot by pressing Command+Shift+3. Note:Command is alt on a Windows keyboard) -Alen
  2. VoodooHDA Crackling

  3. VoodooHDA Crackling

    Hi, I installed VoodooHDA via the iAtkos V7 DVD. Now when my mouse is not moving the music crackles. When i move my mouse the crackling is almost over, Anyone knows how to resolve this? Thanks!
  4. [How TO] ATi Mobility Radeon 3000/3100/3200 Leopard and Snow Leopard

    No problem! Ill' be posting a tutorial for The Toshiba L305D-S5881 and how to boot with The AMD processor
  5. [How TO] ATi Mobility Radeon 3000/3100/3200 Leopard and Snow Leopard

    Screenshot for you!
  6. Hi, i couldn't find any kext for this and i just tried the ATi 3200 for my 3100, amazingly it worked. It works for Leopard and Snow Leopard! Hardware Tested>> ATi Radeon HD 3000 ATi Radeon HD 3100 ATi Radeon HD 3200 These are CONFIRMED! 1) Download KextUtility and The Kext>> http://tinyurl.com/cvea7ch and http://tinyurl.com/bsqeto3 2) Open KextUtility and wait for it to repair permissions and others. 3) Now just drag and drop RadeonHD.kext to that window and wait for it to say Have a nice day. 4) Now restart your machine and it should max the resolution itself. That's about it! Feel free to comment on this and test it with other ATi 3xxx so i can add it to the compatibility list! Thanks! EDIT: Don't be too excited! No QE/CI yet! EDIT2: It is gone through an update without any problems!
  7. [SOLVED]ATi Mobility Radeon 3100

    I cannot believe, it just worked! Can i make an tutorial and would you mark it as Stickie?
  8. [SOLVED]ATi Mobility Radeon 3100

    How did you exactly install that kext? Link for program? BTW running OSX 10.5.8, and which of these three files will i download? Thanks!
  9. [SOLVED]ATi Mobility Radeon 3100

    I tried graphicsenabler to yes and graphics mode to 1280x800x32 but nothing The ATi 3200 kext didn't work for me
  10. ATI Radeon HD 3200 OsX86

    Anyone having a kext for HD 3100? Any developer that's bored? Thanks!
  11. [SOLVED]ATi Mobility Radeon 3100

    Any other suggestions??
  12. [SOLVED]ATi Mobility Radeon 3100

    Can i mess up anything? I really don't want to reinstall osx
  13. [SOLVED]ATi Mobility Radeon 3100

    Hey! I got OS X finally up and running! But i can't get to the max resolution of my laptop display (1280x800). Is there any kext for my graphic card? Anyone? Thanks!
  14. Atheros AR5007EG kext

    I didn't get it to work, ill' do an fresh reinstall tomorrow and try again.
  15. Atheros AR5007EG kext

    Hey! I got OS X 10.5.7 up and running. Sound's a bit stuttering but i don't mind that now. I need an kext for my Wi-Fi adapter thats integrated in my laptop. I installed an kext but the AirPort icon doesn't find any networks when scanning. How can i delete that kext? And where can i download a good one? Thanks! -alenwietkweker