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  1. Enabling QE/CI on SVE1711X1EB

    Hi mate, I'm afraid not. I haven't spent any time on this in a while, I am waiting for the public release of 10.8.3 but it seems to be taking forever 7mb vram is pretty awful but it's usable if you just want to browse the web and general use etc.
  2. Enabling QE/CI on SVE1711X1EB

    Hey man, try this. This is where he put mine. Mine does get picked up but the FrameBuffer isn't loading. Let me know how you get on I've just tried upgrading to build 12D54 too but still no luck DSDT_Mendietinha.aml.zip
  3. Enabling QE/CI on SVE1711X1EB

    I am indeed!
  4. Enabling QE/CI on SVE1711X1EB

    Hey thanks man. I tried that last night but I have just read the last part of your post again, I didn't try 6000 series framebuffers! Will do that tonight. One thing I am slightly confused with. Before starting this thread, I thought my device Id should be 0x6841, that is what was displayed in system info prior to dabling with any of this. But after researching online and from iFires DSDT injection suggestion, it seems that my device Id should be 0x683F. I have tried searching for the official correct one, but as no one seems to have got the 7650m working yet, I'm not sure which to use, I obviously try both when trying things out but do you know which one I should use for sure? In ATI6000Controller.kext already present in the plist was 0x6841 and in ATI7000Controller.kext, already present was 0x683F.
  5. Enabling QE/CI on SVE1711X1EB

    Cool, I added in the VRAM,totalsize segment and my display does pick it up as 2048mb! But, AMDFrameBuffer kext still doesn't load and still no QE/CI but it is still progress! Thanks. I have tried a few framebuffers and a few of the things that I tried earlier in the post again (but not all). mendietinha, if you add in the VRAM,totalsize segment as Styrian suggests above, you'll need to change the package declaration from (0x10) to (0x12) otherwise you will get a compilation error as the package size has now changed. Slowly but surely, we'll get there
  6. Enabling QE/CI on SVE1711X1EB

    I already have a modded bios and have already tried a couple of things. I have the option 'Primary Graphics Display' which contains the items 'AUTO (Default), IGFX, PEG & PCI' I have tried all options (This is where I proved that IGFX has no video output as you suspected!). I also have the option to switch the integrated graphics device to either 'Auto (Default), Enabled & Disabled' I have tried setting this to disabled, unfortunately, no good. I have tried the latest enoch boot loader but it broke my build, I got a 'Boot: Error' error message and haven't had time to investigate it yet. Thanks all
  7. Enabling QE/CI on SVE1711X1EB

    Any idea how I can get it to load? I have tried all of the new 7000 series framebuffers. Do I need an ATY_Init kext for 7000 series?
  8. Enabling QE/CI on SVE1711X1EB

    ioreg | grep ATY sudo kextstat | grep AMD 63 1 0xffffff7f80d22000 0x66000 0x66000 com.apple.kext.AMDSupport (8.1.0) <62 10 9 7 5 4 3 1> 64 0 0xffffff7f80d88000 0x1da000 0x1da000 com.apple.kext.AMD7000Controller (8.1.0) <63 62 10 9 5 4 3 1> 83 0 0xffffff7f81060000 0x3b8000 0x3b8000 com.apple.AMDRadeonAccelerator (1.0.6) <82 71 62 10 7 5 4 3 1> ioreg -l | grep -15 "AppleACPIPCI" | grep "_UID" | | | "_UID" = "0" lspci pcilib: 0000:0e:00.0 64-bit device address ignored. pcilib: 0000:0e:00.0 64-bit device address ignored. pcilib: 0000:01:00.0 64-bit device address ignored. 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Unknown device 0154 (rev 09) 00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Unknown device 0151 (rev 09) 00:14.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation Unknown device 1e31 (rev 04) 00:16.0 Communication controller: Intel Corporation Unknown device 1e3a (rev 04) 00:1a.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation Unknown device 1e2d (rev 04) 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Unknown device 1e20 (rev 04) 00:1c.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Unknown device 1e10 (rev c4) 00:1c.1 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Unknown device 1e12 (rev c4) 00:1c.2 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Unknown device 1e14 (rev c4) 00:1d.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation Unknown device 1e26 (rev 04) 00:1f.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation Unknown device 1e59 (rev 04) 00:1f.2 SATA controller: Intel Corporation Unknown device 1e03 (rev 04) 00:1f.3 SMBus: Intel Corporation Unknown device 1e22 (rev 04) 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Unknown device 6841 01:00.1 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc Unknown device aa90 02:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. Unknown device 002e (rev 01) 08:00.0 Class ff00: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Unknown device 5209 (rev 01) 0e:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 07) Hmmm, ATI card unknown device? Also, It looks like my ATIFrameBuffer kext is not loading? [edit] Just discovered, I have no ATY_Init kext installed.... should I?
  9. Enabling QE/CI on SVE1711X1EB

    No joy I'm afraid. On another note, the kexts that I have modded to include the 0x6841 device id are: ATI7000Controller.kext and AGPM.kext under MacBook Pro 8,3. My device ID was already listed in AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext under the 'Lombok' section, 0x683F is present there too, 683F was already in ATI7000Controller.kext. Do you know of any other kexts that I may need to mod? Thanks again
  10. Enabling QE/CI on SVE1711X1EB

    I will try that tonight. But I read that the latest bootloaders do not support the latest framebuffers yet. So GE=Yes will not work, neither will ATIConfig=xxxx is that right? I think I read that on RampageDevs blog
  11. Enabling QE/CI on SVE1711X1EB

    Thanks iFire. Hmm, sadly, it doesn't work, but I think we are getting closer. In 'About this Mac' my Display now reads 'AMD Radeon HD 7650 7mb' instead of 'Display 7mb' so it's picking up the graphics card name from the DSDT inject, but still no QE/CI. I have been busy, trying every new framebuffer from 'Aji' to 'IkuraS'. Tried using Slot-0 & Slot-1. Also tried with device id 6841 and 683F. And every combination of each of the above, took me a while and unfortunately, it still don't work Looking at my ATI7000Controller.kext/Contents/Info.plist, I only have two framebuffers listed, Chutoro & Hamachi. Chutoro contains relatively no keys but Hamachi does. I have added my device ID to this list as it was not present. Should I try adding the other Framebuffers? Thanks
  12. Enabling QE/CI on SVE1711X1EB

    I did try modding the PEGP section and I did add the DTGP method as it would not compile without it. I tried a couple of his framebuffers (but not all, should I try all?) I did alter the Device ID but I wasn't sure what to set it to because my card wasn't listed. Could it be that the 7650 won't be supported by 10.8.3? Or would I have to find out the correct device ID in the format it needs (I think it's 0x6841 but not sure how to convert it to the required format) Thanks for your help
  13. Enabling QE/CI on SVE1711X1EB

    An update, I have tried the DSDT injections, my DSDT is very different to what's in that post, for example, in my DSDT my PEGP is a sub-device of PEG0. Under PCI0, I have 6 devices: PEG0, PEG1, PEG2, PEG3, B0D4 & GFX0. The code under GFX0 is huge, replacing the whole of that causes enormous errors. So I am not too sure where exactly to put the code, I have tried several places with no luck. He mentions posting the code over the NPE3 device, but I don't have that anywhere in my DSDT. I also found that the same guy, RampageDev blogged about ATI7000 specifically http://rampagedev.wo...g-with-full-qe/ so I tried that one too with no luck. I have to fully upgrade to 10.8.3 too as he said in the comments that simply grabbing the kexts from the update won't work. After doing that I have a few errors, WiFi has completely broken, amongst other issues, so I have just re-installed 10.8.2 I have attached my DSDT if someone could take a quick look and point me where to inject the AMD code? DSDT.aml.zip Many Thanks
  14. Enabling QE/CI on SVE1711X1EB

    Hey, I have attached the full zip from Darwin Dumper, I think that's what you want to see? Thanks DarwinDumper_2.5.8_Chimera_1.5_ML_Rod.zip
  15. Enabling QE/CI on SVE1711X1EB

    Ok, so I have tried that. No luck I'm afraid I followed the post, found all of my IDs that I need to replace, including my EDID hex which I had to obtain from Windows because when I run terminal 'ioreg -l', IODisplayEDID is not present. The guide said that may be the case. But I created my folder, all IDs set correctly and went to drop it into the overrides folder but I noticed that there was already one there, with the correct values inside? It did have some other information too so I removed it and replaced with my version to try. There were also several other DeviceID-xxxx folders within the overrides folder. I have removed these for testing too but no change seems to have happened, I still get the distorted screen when I attempt to do GraphicsEnabler=Yes. But it's intermittent, sometimes it distorts with differing colours, other times, I just get a black screen with a memory allocation error (something about deadbeef) Something interesting I have noticed, when I run 'kextstat', I notice there is a kext in there named 'AMD7000Controller.kext'. I find this interesting as the kext that I installed to s/l/e/ is named 'ATI7000Controller.kext'... Cheers