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  1. Sierra on HP 800 G1 USDT

    Visit for example https://www.clover.com/(which I did by mistake) with Safari. It completely froze my system. Afaik, this should affect all HD 4600. But if you browse with chrome, you're unaffected.
  2. Sierra on HP 800 G1 USDT

    Thanks for this, works great! I didn't add USBInjectAll as I haven't noticed any USB issues. And Lilu is unnecessary without a plugin afaik. BUT, HD4600 is affected by the PAVP freeze, which I noticed when surfing with Safari. Complete system freeze when playing certain videos. Lilu + IntelGraphicsFixup fixes the issue. Lilu - kext and process patcherLilu - kext and process patcher
  3. Ok, all of these are in the Info.plist in AppleLPC.kext. So I guess it doesn't matter. lspci states that it's really 2810, so I'll go with 2815 or 2811 from AppleLPC.
  4. How important is the dsdt LPC device-id? Which one is correct? There are two in this thread and one on olarila. Olarila: "0x15, 0x28" MaLd0ns auto patcher: "0xB9, 0x27" powaking: "0x18, 0x3A"