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  1. High CPU Usage

    ok good ill reboot in a sec to check cpu temps..i noticed if i load 2 pages that are flash intense my computer freaks out but yea im gona restart in a sec and check temps. so when i rebooted my computer it says the cpu temp was 39C/100F (not sure if thats too hot for a core i7 930) its actually more hot ust sitting in the bios screen then it was upon usage i believe(its at 40.5C which is 104.5F). Now im not sure if im correct but i thought that i had read somewhere that having fakesmc plugins when you have a dsdt installed will mess things up or make something unstable..is this true?
  2. Hackintosh compatible?

    Your motherboard will work. mine isnt on any supported list either and yet its fully functional (sleep mode works even). it just meant i had to do a whole lot more reading and use a lot more ingenuity(had to create my own DSDT file etc). Getting ethernet to work will probably be your biggest hurdle and it may even take a few days but don't give up(i almost did lol).Mac OSX is simply amazing and had i given up i would of regretted it deeply
  3. High CPU Usage

    Ok so i got on my hackintosh to check what the cpu usage really was and here it goes. When i start up safari i get two other processes related to it and those are "Flash Player" and "Safari Web Content". Flash Player: Idles at 10% Cpu Usage but when watching a video it shoots up to 28% and stays there till video is done Safari Web Content: Idles at 4% cpu usage and will occasionally spike to 60% for a few seconds when on Hulu Photoshop CS6: Idles at 1% cpu usage but spikes to 100% and stays untill i left off the left mouse button and this is on all cores Maya: idles at 3% cpu usage and goes to 6% when rendering (this is really odd to me) So with that said, i am not sure if these idle percentages are detrimental to my system or if its a case where as long as i don't use photoshop to much i should be fine. Also im beginning to think that apple software is just more cpu intensive..dont know if its poor coding or what but cpu idle usage seems to be much higher on hackintosh/actual mac than it does on a pc.
  4. High CPU Usage

    ty for this, made me fee alot better! . and since you and others have suggested fakesmc plugins ill probably get that. from what i can remember all cores shot up to 100 percent (very weird) and as far as i know i don't have nullcpupwermanagement because when i did the setup process all i installed was a ethernet kext, the kext to get my computer recognized as a mac pro 3.1, nvidia support kexts, and thats it i believe. In response to rockinron_1: As far as Safari/Firefox goes, upon starting it up it will go to 60% cpu usage then jump down rapidly and it does this every time i load a new page and sometimes more if its flash heavy. when watching movies n such it idles at around 10 to 20% cpu usage i believe. im not booted into my hackintosh at the moment so when i do ill give a more exact estimate,. My PSU is a corsair 1000watt PSU..dont know if its cheap or not it certainly didn't seem like it was tho
  5. High CPU Usage

    well thank you for trying to put my mind at ease . unfortunatly im OCD about my computer lol and wont be able to use it and feel at ease untill i have this issue resolved. I dont want my computer to just shut down :\.. I would really like to be able to use my computer for work and multimedia and have piece of mind knowing that doing so isnt going to shoot my cpu usage up to 100%. (even the installation process of maya shot my cpu up to 100% and made a weird sound). Do you have this CPU usage problem at all?. I created my own DSDT to keep kexts to a minimum and everything is fully functional (even sleep mode) and recognized but i am just wondering if maybe i missed a kext or a lack of kexts is what is causing it..
  6. High CPU Usage

    Sorry i completely forgot to post my system specs last night as i was tired. My specs are :Asus p6x58d Premium, Intel Core I7 930 2.8Ghz, EVGA Geforce 660TI,12GB of Corsair ram. Also if it helps any i patched my own DSDT as to keep kexts to a minimum. Well nothing on my computer is overclocked and i figured fans could probably keep heat to a minimum but my fear is that running at 100% all the time is going to eventually kill my computer or at the very least blow a few capacitors as ive noticed a faint high frequency sound coming from my computer whenever i use maya or photoshop. and those are programs i have to use daily for work. It just is confusing as to whether or not this is a problem because actual macs run at 100% too.
  7. High CPU Usage

    I apologize if a thread like this has already been made but after hours of searching i can not find anything about this subject matter. Ok i have a question and hopefully there is somebody out there who can answer it. I wanted to see how stable my hackintosh was so i ran some programs(one at a time) like photoshop,maya,safari,firefox. When running Maya/Photoshop my cpu usage will shoot up to about 100% for either one and when running Safari/Firefox it goes up to about 60% cpu usage for either one . Heres the kicker, i ran the exact same applications on a REAL IMac and got almost the exact same results. only thing that was slightly different between the two was idle usage. Is this high cpu usage something that can damage my computer and should try to be resolved? or is it ok and no need to worry since it does the same thing on a real IMac?.