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  1. Eeepc 1000HE

    Update: I tried a different approach using the steps shown here http://osx86.co/f36/my-asus-eeepc-1000he-and-how-i-installed-t6316/ I got a fully working OSX, but only when I boot from the USB. When i boot form the HDD i get the same error as first post. Am i using the correct netbootinstaller? Any advice from anyone will be greatly appreciated. O
  2. Eeepc 1000HE

    Another snippet of info to help people understand my issue: the dmg file i am using was downloaded and is installed directly from a Mini it isn't on DVD. I am trusting the person that i obtained this from, that it is in fact 10.6.0. Should this be a DVD or USB, can i check its the correct release? O
  3. Eeepc 1000HE

    Hi All, I followed the guide to install 10.6.0 on my EeePC 1000HE with the netbook installer NetbookInstaller 0.8.4pre.app.zip. unfortunately i am getting the following error panic(cpu 0 caller 0x2a76e6): "Version mis-match between Kernel and CPU PM"@/SourceCache/xnu/xnu-1476.1.25/osfmk/i386/pmCPU.c:673 Debugger called: <panic> I have tried other NBI's and putting the extra.zip files onto the HDD but keep getting the same problem. EDIT: One thing I was wondering was if using the wrong NBI first may have caused this, as the 0.8.4 version was used later. Does the NBI make any changes to BIOS etc. Please can anyone help?? Thanks O