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  1. ..there is no such thing. I'm sure that when Office comes out and when you buy a serial, there will be no beta/demo timer. But there are no Office serials as of now. It's not even released yet. Hence the 'beta'.
  2. Try using the Zoom feature (you can turn it on and configure it in the "Universal Access" prefpane).
  3. Tick-Tock

    your favorite song/artist(s).

    Pink Floyd. Eloy. Pink Floyd. Rewind, rinse, and repeat.
  4. Tick-Tock

    Do like a Christian music artist?

    Someone once told me that POD were/are (are they even still around?) somewhat Christian. I have one album of theirs, and it comes on occasionally on iTunes. I guess that counts?
  5. "High Hopes" - Pink Floyd Beautiful. It's art.
  6. Tick-Tock

    Looking for a good webhost...

    Wow, thanks for all the fast replies - next time I get a chance I'll point her to this page.
  7. Tick-Tock

    Posting and You

    Nice... I can think of a few places that need this linked to in a sticky.
  8. Tick-Tock

    Pics of Apple's New Slim Keyboard

    Oooh, looks nice. I definitely prefer the laptop keyboard feel, since my fingers are short the lack of space between the keys makes things much more comfortable for me. Though since this laptop is all I have, I can't say I have much need for an external keyboard.
  9. Tick-Tock

    Are you religious?

    Abolish freedom of religion? To answer OryHara's question: No, they don't have a law written anywhere that says they cannot, I believe it's more of an "unwritten" understanding that Parliament should leave those freedoms alone.
  10. I'm trying to help a friend set up her forums, since she's not all that "computer savvy". She's currently signed up with Yahoo Small Business hosting for about $10 a month, but the setup they have running over there is giving me a major headache. They make installing PHPbb a major hassle, and just when I think I've got everything running, I get up this morning and oops, Critical Error: Could not connect to the database. PHPMyAdmin is no longer working either, so they must have done something to the database overnight... And this is only the second day she's had this, I can't wait to see what other fun hassles Yahoo comes up with. Anyways, I wanted to ask here: have any of you found a good webhost that you have experience with and can recommend? I'd love to run a server on my own machine, but unfortunately that's not an option, so it's gonna have to be a shared host, preferrably in the $10-$20 a month range. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  11. Tick-Tock

    KOTOR 1 unibin avaiable

    Sweet.. Too bad I already bought it for Windows.
  12. Tick-Tock

    Does anyone knows a tutorial for...?

    Err..move one of the layers over so they line up better? If you have the reflection and the screenshot as different layers, shift one of them over a bit.
  13. Tick-Tock

    how old r ya?

  14. I picked mine because it's unique as a name, but if you Google it you'll never find me in there. Well, that's more of an added benefit, the real reason this is my name everywhere is that 1) I like time, I think it's fascinating and all that, and 2) It loosely fits my avatar, which I use everywhere as well. . 3, it's also loosely based on a character from Stephen King's The Dark Tower, but it's kind of lost that meaning over time.
  15. Tick-Tock

    Do girls like Mac users ?

    Dr. Strangelove, A.K.A. that one movie with the really long title that nobody wants to type.