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  1. Nevermind, I did some further reading on the forums and decided against my method of post installation. I've reinstalled 10.8.2 and am starting fresh, something I did to OSX wasn't playing nice. The fresh install my drives were immediately visible. Feel free to delete
  2. Hi Non OS HDDs (NTFS) created dupe mount points in /volumes which couldn't be read - deleted, now volumes won't mount 10.8.2 I installed 10.8.2 on my PC which as 4 HDD in it. Breakdown is as follows 90GB SSD - OSX boot x2 3TB drives for data only (1 former windows formatted drive NTFS, 1 newly formated OSX data only drive HFS+) 1.5TB NTFS drive for windows only Installed 10.8.2, at this point could see/read the drives. Installed macfuse before realizing this is no longer supported, removed it, and used Brew to install Fuse for OSX and NTFS-3G I was able to see and write to the drives just fine. Rebooted the machine and notice that my media drive is now labeled "media 1" instead of "media" My windows drive did the same on the next reboot. Looking in /Volumes I have folders named "media" "media 1", my drive at this point (after another reboot) is now labeled "media 3". These folders were not readable by my user, had funky permissions Did some googling and this seemed to be somewhat common, although not in my specific situation, but the conclusion seemed to be the same. Dismount the drives and delete the folders then the drive should be able to mount properly with the expected name. Did this and now OSX doesn't recognize the NTFS formated drives. Disk utility shows them grayed out, running a verify returns (Cannot mount, missing EFI system partition). The drives still functional as expected in windows, only issues are in OSX. Long term solution for the media drive is to move it to an OSX friendly filesystem, but in the short term is there a way to correct this? Would using the commercial NTFS solution (from Paragon) fix this issue? New to the hackintosh game, learning as I go, please halp!