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  1. [help] How to install Chameleon ?

    there's an unofficial installer in the "new releases" section of this forum. that'll be simplest http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=231075
  2. too much ram? --> SL failures

    i had trouble with over 4gig on a gigabyte motherboard but a bios upgrade fixed it, worth a go? does 6 gig fail? i've now got an 8gig system, fully working with sl
  3. Updating my vanilla 10.5.8 install?

    you could run migration assistant to transfer everything from your leopard install to snow leopard after you get her running
  4. 10.6 Generic Retail Install Guide

    yeah, but a generic way to get up and running if you have to swap out your mobo or start from scratch would be welcome. even the guys posting dsdt guides are quoting anything between 4-9 attempts before getting a satisfactory result.
  5. THANK YOU! and actually very elegant once you know how
  6. i'm probably being really stupid, but how do you safe boot with chameleon? it lists the -x flag in the gui instructions, but there's nowhere to enter it
  7. oops, latest bios for the giga-byte mobo (f12) fixes the problem- all 2gb sticks report as expected
  8. are you using efi strings for graphics? because the newer graphics drivers don't work with the injectors, only efi strings you need applesmbios enabler in your extentionss or boot123 extra folder to get applesmbios to get the profiler working
  9. hi very elegant kext , i'm having just one problem... i'm using a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R with four 2gb ddr2 memory sticks, i get 8gig shown in "about this mac", but in system profiler they all show as 1gb sticks (all report the right speed though) is this cosmetic only or will it cause problems? i have noticed a couple of ram related apps report the 4gb instead of the 8gb, (i've been playing with using ramdisks as photoshop caches ) but my hackintosh does seem to use all the memory when running stuff.
  10. hi, it does work if you copy (not move) the applesmbios.kext into the extra/extensions folder to be alongside the applesmbiosefi N.B. obviously i'm using the chameleon efi version with an extentions folder inside the extra folder, instead of an extention.mkext
  11. hi here's something to try when i unzipped the kext i got "OpenHaltRestart_1.0.3.kext" which didn't work. actually this turned out to be a folder with a kext extention the REAL kext was inside it "OpenHaltRestart.kext" (show package contents to open it) once i installed this it worked great-
  12. nah man, those directions are for finding the built AppleSMBIOSEFI.kext amongst all the other source stuff in this threads download zip. the vanilla AppleSMBIOS.kext you're looking for is inside the 10.5.3 combo update, in the same directory it is on your hard disk, system/library/extentions
  13. Is it possible to install FROM USB key drive

    well i've done it with tiger, with a 8gig usb key, so it's definitely not a crazy idea. it may be possible to boot from the leopard dvd and use it's disk utility to clone itself to a usb key, but that's a guess. i don't remember it being faster, you'd be better cloning to a usb harddrive and installing from there
  14. why should I upgrade to 10.5.2?

    ha, brilliant so long as you have a back up, what's to loose? things DO feel better in 10.5.2, though i can't point to any individual feature SEARCH TIP don't bother with the forum search- it's rubbish, use google with the site specific tag at the end- "thing i am looking for site:http://forum.insanelymac.com"
  15. The perfect "off the shelf" Computer for OSX?

    sorry, i meant it's a question that comes up alot, asked by many different people i'd compile a list of components, and have some local biz build it, if you don't want the hassle.IMHO there's no way to be sure of getting identical parts throughout the production run of a particular model of dell or whatever. i've got four macs and two hackintoshs, they've all been very reliable, i guess 10.5.2 is going to be the acid test! for example my motherboard 's onboard lan worked straight out of the box, another guy's "identical" board needed kexts, they seemed to be the same revision of board too- go figure