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  1. My baby Zoe!

    Great News,Tim. Have fun with your baby girl.
  2. 10.4.9 v1.4i at ECS pm800pro-m v 2.0 and E4300 works great.Also install logic pro and works without any problem.The only thing i don't know if speedstep is working.I take this results: kern.exec: unknown type returned hw.busfrequency = 800000000 hw.cpufrequency = 1800000000 hw.tbfrequency = 1000000000 hw.busfrequency: 800000000 hw.busfrequency_min: 800000000 hw.busfrequency_max: 800000000 hw.cpufrequency: 1920000000 hw.cpufrequency_min: 1800000000 hw.cpufrequency_max: 1800000000 hw.tbfrequency: 1000000000 Also,i have made all the automatic updates from Apple,except from upate to 10.4.10 and seems that haven't any problem.
  3. P4M800PRO-M + E4300 "still waiting for root device"

    I use the pinxue rhine driver and worked ok. I'm on the net with my pc now.. As for the display,this was great. Just thinking if there is any possibility of having some more choices in System preferences->Display except from one resolution...
  4. P4M800PRO-M + E4300 "still waiting for root device"

    Thanks clintoy, THat was the problem.Must use only the one channel for disk and dvdrw. Some help also for suitable drivers for ethernet,audio and display(as i see only 1024x768 resolution stting).
  5. P4M800PRO-M + E4300 "still waiting for root device"

    What distro have you use?
  6. Hello guys, I have this combo and trying to install Jas Os X 10.4.8,but taking this error. I searched for a while before posting and find out that is an issue about SATa. I used instead an Ide Disk instead for primary master and ide dvdrw at secondary slave,but nothing changed. Maybe someone have the same configuration could help me...