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  1. Hi all, I am using Macs at home, and with Xmas and a few free days coming up I'd like to give a Hackintosh a try. While I have Mountain Lion installed on my 24in iMac (2.8 GHz C2D) I much prefer Snow Leo and might actually downgrade my iMac. Now my question is: what hardware should I use to run Snow Leo 10.6.8 AND Mountain Lion? I read that Snow Leo does not support Ivy Bridge, so the newest PCs and Mainboards are out. I was thinking of a Core i7 2700K or faster processor - any recommendations? I also want to install a LOT of hard disks (probably eight 2 TB drives), preferably in a RAID 5 configuration. Optical drive is not important. I have no interest in gaming but I do have an interest in programming (for Mac/Win/Linux) so as startup drive I'd like to use a partitioned 256 GB SSD so that I can start in MacOS 10.6.8, Mac 10.8.2, Win 7, or Ubuntu Linux. Any advice on what I should get or where I could find that info? That Snow Leo does not support Ivy Bridge makes me a bit hesitant on what else I might not know which could throw a spanner in the works. Thanks in advance! Markus