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  1. [Guide] Intel DZ77GA-70K

    Hello! I have now tried using clover to boot. I used this guide: http://cloverboot.weebly.com/ But nothing happens when I try to boot from the USB-stick. It just continues to the next bootable device. How did you set your BIOS up to get it to boot? Which version of the BIOS are you using? I have tried several times with different Clover and Chameleon installers, but Clover just doesnt want to work. Any ideas?
  2. I did all the steps, but my usb device only has one partition? It boots fine and starts installing but after a while it fails. I have tried the whole process two times now but to no success. Are there any additional steps required? Or is my system just incompatible with clover? Specs: Motherboard: Intel GA DZ77-70K Processor: Intel i5 2500k RAM: 8gb Corsair Vengeance GPU: Nvidia Gtx 580 1.5gb
  3. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    I might also buy one! I'm in Sweden
  4. Powermac G5 Case mod

    I am doing a conversation too! Could you provide some more pictures of both the inside and outside of the case, I can't figure out how you mounted the backplate thingy because you did not have much material to fit screws in. Also wondering where you put the power supply cable. Thanks in advance and please apologize for my {censored} English.