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  1. After more than a week of re-installing (did so about 20 times), trying to get my rig going, I've come to the conclusion that this board and CPU are just too new and will need people that can look at code (I can't) and figure out ways to run it as a hackintosh. I tried the myHack way to install, and I was able to get 10.9.3 installed but I could not find a way to get to the Desktop without -x. Once there, though, I didn't get any system freeze after 3 minutes.... up to 3 hours and no freeze. I wiped and tried another way to install. I get to install 10.9.3, but even booting with -x, safe mode, I get about 3 minutes before a system freeze happen. No log, nothing to tell me what's wrong. I had a semi-running system at one point, would only crash if I plugged a USB thing into it. And the HD4600 is not supported yet, I got 1920x1080 but no acceleration so unusable with the apps I need. Then I tried to install a new AppleHDA kext and it corrupted my boot drive badly, I had no other alternatives but to erase and start again. I wiped and tried this other way again, but this time, keeping things at a bare minimum with only SMBIOS and bootloader. No USB, disk, network or graphics kexts. Got to boot to the Desktop with -x and.... system freeze after 3 minutes. So, it is installing something without telling me what it is (guessing under Basic Boot Options, which I can't untick) and it is screwing up something in my setup. Another strike for the "one-size-fits-all" gang. Clearly something's not right here. I tried before, with a well-known board (the P5LD2VM) and it was quite easy as many had ironed out the problems before I got to turn it into a hackintosh. I wish I could help, I'm ok dealing with software in computers, but I have never learned code and I just copy-paste what I can find on the internet. I will be taking a step back, and a breather, as this is annoying me to the point of affecting my mood now. I'll look at the progress done, and decide when it's time to come back. Should you need anything from my setup to test, I'm here. But as for trouble-solving this on my own, I'm done for now. Need to slow down the growth of white hair! Good luck!
  2. I'm booting, It's even sleeping. HD4600 has issues with Haswell 2nd Gen, will have to wait until drivers / someone more clever than me can fix it. I'll order a GT 210 for the interim. My main gripe is that USB is acting up. I can boot to the Desktop with mouse and keyboard only. If I have USB drives or a USB Sound plugged in, I won't get anywhere. When I do get to the Desktop, if I plug in a USB of any sort, whole system freezes and I have to hard reset and unplug everything to re-boot. Really annoying! Makes this machine unusable, and since ALC892 also has some problems with latest x97 and Haswell revisions, it takes away the only way to have sound. Right now, I am using a GenericUSBXHCI kext. Should I just uninstall and go vanilla? Included is a list of my loaded ktexts. I would welcome any help on the matter. T Mac Pro.txt
  3. Cannot enable QE on HD4600 @� i5 4590

    Same here, some photoshop, lots of audio mixing, some web design... A gt210 may be all that I need.
  4. Intel HD 4600 not working (Mavericks 10.9.2)

    Thanks! I had my eyes on a reasonable gt640, but I may go lower than that, to a GT210, just to get by, until (hopefully) the HD4600 issue is resolved. I would hate to go expensive and something happens down the road and support is gone!
  5. Intel HD 4600 not working (Mavericks 10.9.2)

    Thanks for sharing. It looks like most who are able to get their HD4600 use HDMI. I am using a DVI screen with my i5-4570 + H97N-WIFI and nothing has worked yet. I tried to put your AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext in my S/L/E and repaired permissions, but QE still doesn't work. I have no problem booting, Mac Profiler shows I am using the HD4600 with either 1024 or 1536MB of VRAM, but QE isn't working. I can't watch videos with VLC or mPlayerOSX, The transport doesn't move in Logic unless I move the window around and all windows are extremely glitchy, especially when using Safari, Chrome is less prone to tearings and glitches. Scouting the net for the last 2 days seems to indicate some problem between HD4600 and x97 boards.
  6. Cannot enable QE on HD4600 @� i5 4590

    Ouch. Then patience will be needed for HD4600 to work... or do like Rock and get a card to fix it now. I have my eyes on a GT640 but I would rather like to have a silent card and not too much wattage as I only have a 400W psu.
  7. Cannot enable QE on HD4600 @� i5 4590

    How's performance with that card? It's really not too expensive.
  8. GA-H97N-WIFI anyone got a H97 to work?

    Ok, I think I have a permissions problem. Whenever I want to write stuff or copy to my HD root, it always asks me for Authentification. Now, I just tried to alter the org.chameleon.Boot.plist file in Extra, and it says I do not have permissions to write in that folder. I just used Get Info, looked into Sharing and Permissions, my account name was not there. I then added my user, with Read and Write permissions. Used kext wizard to repair permissions and rebuild caches and .... nope... still no good. Here's my IOReg file, should it help.... T’s Mac Pro.ioreg.zip
  9. GA-H97N-WIFI anyone got a H97 to work?

    No worries! You think by limiting my memory (I have 16G) to 4096, it will help with the USB issue? That'd be a waste It crashes every time I plug in a USB device, whether it's a USB drive, or USB sound interface. I sometimes get KP to show on the screen, and more often just get a system freeze, and have no log to show for. Really annoying as this is one of the 2 last things to fix before I get this machine operational enough for every day tasks. (the other is I don't have QE on HD4600).
  10. GA-H97N-WIFI anyone got a H97 to work?

    Seems to be a USB problem. If I unplug everything except the mouse and keyboard, I can get to the desktop more easily (only fails once a while). If I try to plug in a SB thumb drive, or a USB HD, it crashes. I have KP on IOUSBMassStorageClass 3.6 with dependencies to all the USB kexts. I did install the GenericUSBXHCI, and the fix for USB3... I tried searching, googled, but I can't find anything on IOUSBMassStorageClass KP and 10.9. I always end up with pages mentioning 10.6, but nothing interesting on 10.9
  11. GA-H97N-WIFI anyone got a H97 to work?

    Thanks Rock, Changes are not sticking on my board. I have to use the reset button up to 5 times before I can boot to the desktop. Definitively got gremlins somewhere!
  12. GA-H97N-WIFI anyone got a H97 to work?

    Don't worry. I understand the frustration there is between the 2 sites. And it came from a Moderator that is clearly tired of repeating things over and over. I mean, after I spent the last 4 days researching the internet (yes, with Google), finally decided to post here, the best thing this Mod has to offer is a Google link. Soooo nice and friendly welcome back for me.... Clearly in need of a vacation. Well, not perfect here. 1 boot out of 5 gets me to the desktop. Then I have system freeze. Clearly not ready yet.
  13. GA-H97N-WIFI anyone got a H97 to work?

    Wait! What just happened? After a few unsuccessful tries, I got to boot without -x. Out of the blue, without changing anything. Just restarted like a mad person.... Restarted, got stuck. Restarted again, I'm in. Very strange. Anyway. At least, I am in now, so I can see what I can do. So far, I can get it to sleep, but on awakening, screen is all garbled (snow). Also, HD4600 isn't fully supported I guess, because I have no transparencies on the menu bar and some tearing when I move windows around.
  14. GA-H97N-WIFI anyone got a H97 to work?

    Yes, I tried to follow his example, but it's still a fail for me. Can't boot without -x flag One thing. When I boot with -x flag, and I try to use kext wizard, the Extra tick box is greyed out. I can't get it to do maintenance on that folder. And myHack doesn't work while in Safe Boot, so I'm stuck there too!
  15. GA-H97N-WIFI anyone got a H97 to work?

    Ok, here's a run down of things. tonymac's methods gave me a bunch of different errors each time, but the installer always booted directly, without any bootflags. The install went well, but I could never boot the HD without -x. Once there, system would freeze after a couple of minutes. Tried a few things like adding a patched DSDT or SSDT but nothing would stick. Turned to myHack. Installed on a USB key, couldn't get the installer to boot without -x. Once adding -x, I installed OS 10.9.3, the myHack generic files and tried to boot the HD. I get KP from CPU1 or CPU2. Here's a run down of the BIOS settings on my board GA-H97N-WIFI, i5-4570 I have now, trying to follow what I read from the internet. Bios version F2 (latest for my board according to Gigabyte) Loaded Optimised settings which include: CPU Clock Ratio: 32 - Auto CPU PLL Selection - Auto Filter PLL Level - Auto Uncore Ratio - Auto Intel Turbo Boost Tech - Auto Turbo Ratio 1-2-3-4 - Auto Turbo Power limit - 84W Core current Limit - 95A No of Cores enabled - 4 CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) - Auto C3 State Support - Auto C6/C7 State Support - Auto CPU Thermal Monitor - Auto CPU EIST Function - Auto PCIe Slot Configuration - Auto DMI Gen2 Speed - Enabled 3DMark01 Boost - Disabled Fast Boot - Disabled Limit CPUID Max - Disabled Execute Disabled Bit - Enabled Intel Virtualization Technology - Enabled Intel TXT(LT) Support - Disabled VT-d - Disabled Windows 8 Features - Other OS Boot Mode Selection - Legacy only Lan PXE Boot Option Rom - Disabled Storage Boot Option Control - Legacy only Other PCI Device ROM Priority - UEFI OpROM Network Stack - Disabled Initial Display Output - IGFX PHC LAN Controller - Enabled XHCI Mode - Auto Audio Controller - Enabled Intel Processor Graphics - Enabled Intel Processor Graphics Memory Allocation - 512M DVNT Total Memory Size - Max Intel Rapid Start Technology - Disabled Legacy USB Support - Enabled XHCI Hand-off - Enabled EHCI Hand-off - Enabled Two Layer KVM Switch - Disabled Sata Integrated SATA Controller - Enabled SATA Mode Selection - AHCI Intel Smart Connect Technology Support - Disabled Power Power Loading - Auto Resume by Alarm - Disabled Wake on LAN - Disabled Soft-Off by PWR-BTTN - Instant Off RC6 (Render Standby) - Enabled AC BACK - Always Off Power On by Keyboard - Disabled Power On by Mouse - Disabled ErP - Disabled Platform Power Management - Disabled Anything that would cause problems in there? Thanks for looking!