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  1. I spent 3 months trying drivers and troubleshooting my on board sound card. I finally decided to call it quits and rather than a fix, i started looking for an alternative. I have com across 2 100% verified options to work and give us sound output. the member ZAAP on here verified that this will work great http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16812186035 and I purchased this usb adapter http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16829128004 mine works 100% without flaw now for both input and output... if you want a easy audio fix, and do not need to have surround sound either of these is a great option.
  2. i posted this where i felt it was most relevant.. apparently not.. thanks for the advice or_astroman
  3. best forum for info EVER!!!!! FTMFW!
  4. ok so after 2 months of fighting sigmatel drivers i just cant take it any more. I am going to go today to buy a soundcard... is there anything i can buy that i can plug into my 10.5.2 osx86 machine and it just work.. i dont need anything but sound output.. i dont care about 5.7 or 7.1... just something with a stereo headphone output to plug into my creative 2.1 speakers. thanks in advance
  5. luke from reading these forums it looks like there is no help being offered on the subject.. i found 30 threads asking similar questions and they all died with no response
  6. ok so i was able to get my hd audi ouput device to show up using the installerf from this thread http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=97201&st=0 now that the device is showing up i can view youtube videos now but i still get no sound output.. any advice?
  7. well i have some thanks and some questions at the same time... this did allow me to see HD audio output in my system preferences finally!!!! this also allows me to now watch youtube videos.. however i still have no sound form the device. I did try a 9220 patch using the HDA patcher and it took it back to no audio device, i installed your package again and it showed up again..whew.. if anyone can offer some help as to something i can do to get this working that would be great.. i am nearing 3 months of qork trying to get this audio output working and i am getting so very frustrated.
  8. i get no devices found when i look at my sound options.. i cant figure out what my intel card is (realtek or sigmatel). I have tried a few different ktexts with HDA patcher 1.20 with no luck... where can i get the info for the audio card's Subsystem ID? Is there any other way to be sure my codec for my card? My mobo is a intel d945gtp. thanks in advance for your help. other than sound my pc is 100% operational. Should i continue to fight this issue or buy a pci sound card.. if this is an easier fix i will just do this tomorrow. thanks again, Travis
  9. I put my kalyway disk in and let the pc start the loading process. I loads for a while, then goes to the vanilla loading screen with the apple logo in the center. After some time the screen turns a blue/green color like a background but nothing else happens. I let it sit like this for almost an hour now with no luck getting my install options to actually come up. I did try this on another machine (that I dont plan on loading osx on and it went all the way to my loading options so I know its not the disk) any help you guys can offer is greatly appreciated. n/m after loading with -v it seems to be working weird
  10. Owned with pictures

    a little burn cream gets that laptop running in no time!
  11. Owned with pictures

    a little of this will fix your moneys right up!
  12. Owned with pictures

    baseball pitcher picks up you duckies and throws them out of the park.
  13. Boot problem

    thanks... you guys are awesome
  14. Boot problem

    21 views and no one has a clue? I think it has something to do with my patches on my DVD image but I dont know alot about these...can someone tell me where I can look up more patches to possibly fix my installation process?