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  1. Thanks eep357(Moderator) I figure out the solution. i unpack the combo update of 10.7.5 using upak application and copy the IOStorageFamily.kext in to desktop and install it using Kext installer After restarting my mac the probleam was fix. Now i can plug USB Devices. Thanks for your support
  2. I install a combo update of lion 10.7.5 in my running 10.7.3 after the installation before reboot the system i ran a script from this site http://www.souldevte...n-a-hackintosh/ my machine reboot successfully but when i plug my phone using USB cable suddenly kernel panic appear .so how to solve this issue. I need your help ,its very urgent Please help me
  3. I managed to install 10.7.5 combo update on my computer running hakintosh 10.7.3 but i have same problem occur. how can it fix. Would replacing IOStorageFamily.kext with the stock Apple one from 10.7.5 update solve the problem ? If it fix the problem plese discribe the method specifically. please explain your method i need your help as soon as possible