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  1. Hey guys. I recently installed my first Hackintosh with Mountain Lion on my custom built system with P8P67 B3, i5 2400 and GTX 560Ti, mostly to try out Final Cut Pro and generally MAC OS. I decided to also install Premiere Pro CS6 for video editing, the program I used with Windows, and I just can't believe it used to work SO much better when I had Windows. I thought it was supposed to be the opposite! However, I did notice it only uses about 500MB out of my 8GB Ram, when on Windows, if I recall correctly, it used at least double. Is there any way I can force my Hackintosh to give Premiere Pro more RAM? Please help me, I really need this If I find a way to make it work ok, then I'm totally keeping Mountain Lion. CHeers!
  2. Introduce yourself

    Hey you guys Just wanted to bump and say hi since I'm new to the Hackintosh world (just successfully achieved my first Hackintosh a few days ago and I'm really happy), and hopefully you will be able to clear all my doubts regarding future problems with my machine. Cheers!