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    Orinico USB 3.0 card

    SOLVED for now, see end of this message -------------------------------------------------------- I'm hoping for some help getting USB 3.0 working under Mt Lion on a stock Mac Pro. This is the only forum where I have seen useful info on the topic so I am asking here first. I just installed the PFU-2P in my Mac Pro (yes, 100% Apple, Mid 2010 3.33GHz 6 core Xeon) running 10.8.2. Of course, it is seen by the OS which reports a driver as installed, but nothing plugged into the rear USB3 ports (Hitachi USB 3.0 drive OR USB 3.0 Cardreader) will mount. Now, I think my problem is that I used to use a (pos) Highpoint RocketU dual USB in Lion but after upgrading to Mt Lion it no longer worked. I foolishly followed the recommendations of Highpoint support which included installing several kext's that had no effect except to screw up all USB audio and some other USB features on my Mac. I removed the highpoint card and all the "dubious" kexts that I am aware of but no improvement. I removed the following extensions installed as suggested by HighPoint support: CalDigitHDProDrv, HighPointOP, HighPointRR, IOUSBFamily (hacked version) & IOUSBMassStorageClass (2.6.1 legacy?) I restored the following which I believe are the stock versions for Mt Lion: IOUSBMassStorageClass(v3.5.0) and IOUSBFamily(v5.4.0) I do NOT have PXHCD installed. Of course I rebuilt caches and everything else on my system is working fine. So, my question is how do I proceed? What is the best way to know if my card is using the Apple native driver or some kext I have missed? I can't be the only person in this mess and I will follow up with my progress and outcome. Many thanks in advance. SOLUTION: Not sure if this is going to last but the card works fine in PCI-E Slot 3, just not in slot 4. Anyone know why? BTW my current write speeds (will post more if anyone wants): Mac Pro 2010, OSX 10.8.2 with Orico PFU3-2P from Newegg as listed earlier in this thread Random 1GB data transfer (12 files, largest around 350MB) from the on-board SSD boot drive Destination Hitachi 2TB USB 3.0 disk (obviously with USB 2.0 fallback) Using USB 2.0 : 24MB/sec Using USB 3.0 : 122MB/sec