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  1. smeisner777

    New AppleHDA Patcher

    Mirone, I have used your AppleHDA kexts patched for ALC269VC installed in S/L/E since Mavericks. They just work After the latest Apple security update wiped out AppleHDA again (Yosemite 10.10.5, AppleHDA 272.18.3) I used Toleda's ALC CLover script to get the basic Clover method installed. Of course my sound didn't worlk afterward as he doesn't support ALC269VC. But after some investigation in to your modifications that always work, I discovered that using your pin configurations, LayoutID, and removing the Clover XML patch applied to AppleHDA in config.plist resulted in working sound again. Does this new method result in a Clover "patch native AppleHDA on-the-fly" installation? Or do I end up with a patched AppleHDA installed in S/L/E? Just looking for your advice for if/when I try updating to El Capitan again. Thanks for giving me sound
  2. smeisner777

    Clover General discussion

    Also make sure you are using the latest Clover as r2217 had this (broken) behavior and r2236 fixed it again.
  3. smeisner777

    Clover General discussion

    Simple question that I cannot find the answer to. How do I configure Clover to configure HDMI audio (HDAU) layout-id to 3? Default is 0 and I need 3 for native AppleHDA and HD4000. Attached is my config and I do not use a patched DSDT. Thanks config.plist.zip
  4. smeisner777

    Clover General discussion

    Hi Pene, I knew dmesg, but next time I'll remember bdmesg. When I forgot to copy r2235 CLOVERX64.efi to EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.efi, I had r2217 Clover in EFI/BOOT/ and r2235 Clover in EFI/CLOVER/. This combination caused the DSDT patch for HDEF and HDAU to fail/not work (maybe other patches too but I did not look for others). It was my error as I forgot that my test installation does not have Clover added to the UEFI boot entry. As such it defaults to the EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.efi loader. I don't know why that caused the patching failure. When I copied r2235 CLOVERX64.efi to EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.efi (thus r2235 in both locations) all was perfect again. Sorry for my error.
  5. smeisner777

    Clover General discussion

    Sorry for my error. I forgot to do this step. I don't get these logs in /Library/Logs/CloverEFI/ correct? I used to, but not on my newest installation. Anyway it isn't important as all works perfectly with the r2235 update. I hate to bother you guys, should have known you already caught the icon loading issue with r2217. I only have two more things to figure out how to get working, no sounds after sleep and HDMI audio, for a 100% Clover (no custom DSDT) implementation on my laptop. I'll try for a few more weeks before bugging you guys. Thanks
  6. smeisner777

    Clover General discussion

    vol_recovery.icns (metal theme) was associated with the recovery partition. I can't find r2235 on SourceForge, r2217 is still up there. I don't use source repository, I'll wait until newer clover is posted on SourceForge. I rolled back to 2133 to enjoy icon again. EDIT: I Misunderstood (sorry it's late here). I reinstalled 2217 and upgraded to your posted r2235 CLOVERX64.EFI. Cute little icon for recovery partition is back, but I didn't get my DSDT patched for HDEF and HDAU! I must have missed something.
  7. smeisner777

    Clover General discussion

    Upgraded from 2133 -> 2217, Clover no longer recognizes my recovery partition with cute little icon
  8. With GraphicsEnabler=Yes, try 4 for IntelCapriFB and remove InjectIntel-ig as it takes precedence. Worked for my laptop. <key>IntelCapriFB</key> <string>4</string>