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  1. Shut down problem with Clover & Sierra

    A Big thanks for your help! Great work! Cheers
  2. Shut down problem with Clover & Sierra

    Now it works! The Computer goes in sleep mode , I can start it again , only when i push the power button from the PC. (not keyboard or mouse) . But it works. Perfect!
  3. Shut down problem with Clover & Sierra

    No, the same issue as before
  4. Shut down problem with Clover & Sierra

    Here the new ioreg and sendme Markus’s iMac.zip Send me Markus’s iMac.zip
  5. Shut down problem with Clover & Sierra

    Hi, i removed my kexts and install your kexts in System/library/Extensions. I install your clover folder in EFI. the Computer can shut down now. Perfect. The Computer but a little bit longer to boot. I got in verbose mode, the message ATHR: Unknown locale 21. It comes 10 times and it take some time to go forward. Is this normal? i didn`t have it before. The dsdt i can not open with MaciASL. The sleep mode, will shut down the monitor, after some time the mainboard sleep too. One second later the mainboard wake up and sleep again after 1 min and wake up again. The monitor will be sleep the whole time. The rest is working very great. Thanks. Cheers
  6. Shut down problem with Clover & Sierra

    I installed kexts with Kext Helper or Kext Wizard in System/library/extenstions. Attached you find the kexts i used. Thanks Kexts.zip
  7. Shut down problem with Clover & Sierra

    Thanks for the quick reply. here my clover folder CLOVER.zip
  8. Hi all, i have a problem with the shut down, it is only rebooting. i installed Sierra 10.12.5 and use Clover v 2.4 r4369 My Mainboard Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H with CPU Intel 4790 K. I tried it with the Shutdown Fix in Clover, but it doesn`t work. I used Run Me and IOREG for the attachment data. Can someone help me. Thanks in advanced Cheers Send me Markus’s iMac.zip Markus’s iMac.zip