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  1. Clover General discussion

    Shutdown finally works on MacPro 2.1, using the new clover 1050 in Biosmode/Bootcamp with the following config: manually inserting the Reset Address=0x64 and ResetValue=0xFE and enabling the DSDT Shutdown fix. Although the original FACP values were indeed 0x0CF9 and 0x06 I checked them in Ubuntu they didn't work. To make shutdown run consistent (sometimes it did restart) I had to remove a double instance of FakeSMC.kext from SLE because there was already one in clovers /EFI/OEM/... Right now it shutdowns consistent. The following config.plist sample makes the MacPro 2.1 run MountainLion without a DSDT but with sound, shutdown, restart. Using a DSDT might give you 2 extra odd sataports and maybe working sleep? <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>SystemParameters</key> <dict> <key>boot-args</key> <string>-v npci=0x2000 darkwake=0</string> <key>prev-lang:kbd</key> <string>en:0</string> <key>DefaultBootVolume</key> <string>mp-octa-MountainLion</string> </dict> <key>KernelAndKextPatches</key> <dict> <key>KernelCpu</key> <string>No</string> <key>AppleRTC</key> <string>Yes</string> </dict> <key>SMBIOS</key> <dict> <key>BiosVendor</key> <string>Apple Inc.</string> <key>ProductName</key> <string>MacPro3,1</string> <key>Version</key> <string>3.1</string> </dict> <key>ACPI</key> <dict> <key>DsdtName</key> <string>blaDSDT.aml</string> <key>DropOEMSSDT</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>GenerateCStates</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>GeneratePStates</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>FixDsdtMask</key> <string>0x8004</string> <key>ResetAddress</key> <string>0x64</string> <key>ResetValue</key> <string>0xFE</string> </dict> <key>PCI</key> <dict> <key>HDAInjection</key> <string>12</string> <key>USBInjection</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>FixUSBOwnership</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>LpcTune</key> <string>No</string> </dict> <key>Graphics</key> <dict> <key>GraphicsInjector</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>VideoPorts</key> <string>3</string> <key>FBName</key> <string>Hoolock</string> <key>PatchVBiosBytes</key> <dict> <key>Find</key> <data>gAeoAqAF</data> <key>Replace</key> <data>gAeoAjgE</data> </dict> </dict> </dict> </plist> Updated the PCI subsys id in the previous post, for the 3 port Apple ATI 5770 2x minidisplay and 1xDVI-D its 1002:68B 106B:00CF and the framebuffer is Hoolock! Can also confirm that Mobility X1600 128MB fully works with internal screen (native resolution, CI/QE, DVDplayer etc) by just injecting EDID via clover no GI or special kexts all vanilla. But it only works from 10.6.8 to 10.7.5, during the install of 10.6.0 before the combo update, the internal laptop screen looks very distorted but good enough to finish the install and run the combo update of 10.6.8 afterwards.
  2. Clover General discussion

    Updated: subsys id ATI5770 I haven't set the ResetRegisters, so clover is autopatching them to 0x64 and 0xFE? (didn't knew that was auto patched by default). Currently looking at the FACP from the darwindump running in native efi mode indeed shows the values you just advised being 0x0CF9 0x06. I will try them as soon as possible. Thanks for pointing in this direction. CloverX64 is indeed already working in BootCamp which I revered as Bios-mode. In native EFI mode it will not start Cloverx64. Is there no way of letting the native Apple EFI32 transform into a CloverX64 EFI? The Lion Boot.efi can load the Mountain Lion 10.8 kernel in 64bit but has a 8GB ram limit? Also EFI booting is so much faster ;-) Also Refit uses a single EFI file on a USB-stick which makes one single USB-stick bootable on both 32 and 64 capable efi Mac's without changing files or folder names. With the "rEFIt > clover transform" a single USB-stick will only work on a 32 or 64 bit efi system depending on which file was renamed. Can this also be made automated? So if the bootloader detects 32 bit EFI Mac's it will use CLOVERIA32 and if it detects 64bits efi Mac's it will use CLOVERX64.efi this make it a fully capable rEFIt replacement. The PCI-id is 1002:68b8 subsys 106B:00CF, it is the real Apple 5770 1024MB ATI card with 2x minidisplay port and 1x DVI-D, it uses Hoolock but clover autodetects a different FB and therefor not all ports work correctly but with Hoolock it does.
  3. Clover General discussion

    REAL Apple Hardware tested again;-) *MacPro 2.1 -Software TestCase 1:clover 1000 biosmode -Hardware:mp2.1 16GB both risers 4x2GB, 2x XEON 5365 and ATI 5770, expension cards=esata, usb2/fw800 Version 1000 of clover efi finally makes the macpro 2.1 run Mountain Lion 10.8.2, without any patched DSDT and default bootloader settings except for SMBIOS MacPro3.1, GraphicsInjection for ATI/AMD 5770 must be set to Hoolock with native monitor resolution in refit.conf and HDAInjection must be set layout id 12 accompanied with the DSDTmask setting for HDA fix. By default Clover injects the wrong Framebuffer for the Apple ATI5770 and when HDAInjection is also on auto it detects both alc885 and hdmi audio but none work. What still won't work is "shutdown", it always ends in a restart just like the chameleon bootloader did. Geekbench speed and performance is fine so the machine is almost usable! -Software TestCase 2:clover 1000 AppleEFI mode with modified RefiT -Hardware:idem Using the simple howto to replace refit by clover on realmac's I was able to boot clover on the MacPro2.1 only with the CLOVERIA32.efi not the CLOVERX64.efi. The clover GUI looks fine on native resolution and mouse also works. The machine runs SnowLeopard with the Clover Bootloader fine with default settings used (all patching disabled). No need for FakeSMC.kext in this mode because it uses the Apple Hardware in its own EFI mode. When not changing SMBIOS it will show Imac in about this Mac. But the needed 64 bit mode boot doesn't show up as selectable in the popup menu of clover so Mountain Lion won't even start booting. *MacBookPro 3.1/5.1 -Software Testcase 1:clover 1000 efi mode -Hardware:both both machines have 4GB ram, MBP5.1 uses two videocards Doing the same replace trick for refit, these machines only boot the CLOVERX64.efi. The bootloader GUI shows fine in native Resolution and mouse works properly, booting a OS for instance Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion it will also show booting in 64 bit modes beside 32bit (MacPro didn't do this). Both modes work for both OS on both devices. Funny thing is, clover indeed detects two video card to inject on the MacBookPro 5.1. What info do we need to get clover EFI 64 boot working on the MacPro 2.1 32 bit efi mode, and wath is needed to make shutdown work in bios mode. Does it has something to do that clover only shows one XEON with 4 cores?
  4. Clover General discussion

    REAL APPLE HARDWARE TESTED Updated MacPro 2.1 clover954 testcase: *Solved booting the bootloader itself in one instance to a Clover GUI, upgrading to clover 954 on the internal pata volume and choosing boot0 vs boot0hfs during install of the bootloader gets you to a working Clover GUI with icons and keyboard interaction :-D when booting the Mac in BIOS mode. So no more workaround is need with CD's or USB disks or disconnecting of all internal PATA/SATA devices to get the bootloader itself to a working state. *Problems of not being able to boot MountainLion which hangs on CoreCrypteSupport.kext passed is still there, will play around with several Clover ACPI /DSDT fixes. Anyone with a Dual CPU XEON setup around this forum?
  5. Clover General discussion

    REAL APPLE HARDWARE TESTED Testcase real MacBookPro 3,1: This Machine boots the clover CD ISO 929-64 in BIOS mode to a workable native highress CLOVER GUI, internal keyboard works and adding external usb storage will let clover detect/add the bootable volumes ICONS on the FLY. Internal volumes also detected. Haven't actually tested booting MountainLion with clover, since the MBP3,1 support MountainLion natively. Booting a legacy (BIOS) grub2 PBR linux partition on a external USB disk doesn't work from the Clover bootloader! Updated Testcase real MacBookPro 5.1: http://www.insanelym...00#entry1873065 Logs / DSDT (darwin)dumps MacPro 2.1 octo /8core: Earlier descriped NEEDED workarounds to let the Clover bootloader start on a REAL MacPro 2.1 can be found here: http://www.insanelym...20#entry1873641 The bootloader itself hangs on a blackscreen with white cursor (topleft-corner) if any "internal" SATA/PATA disks are connected. Workaround see linked post. *Clover GUI bootloader 954 will instantly load from internal PATA disk if installed when boot0 instead of boot0hfs option is chosen during install! *I was unable to boot MountainLion with Clover 929 on this MacPro2,1 while chimera (with its own limitations) does. Therefor I upload some logs and dsdt files to help figure out some MP2.1 clover related problems and make this Vintage MacPro 2.1 Mountain Lion compatible. *Clover only detects 4 cores and 1 cpu, instead of 4 cores 2 cpu's and It hangs/freezes booting MountainLion after "corecrypto.kext FIPS POST passed!" Attachments: The "929mp21dsdt-log-bin.zip" has been made in BIOS mode on the MP2.1 booting from a fat32 Clover CD/USBStick, it contains dsdt/prebootlog/vbios dump. The "nativeEFImp21dardwindumperselected.zip" has been made on the MP2.1 natively running Apple EFI with MacOSX 10.6.8. 929mp21dsdt-log-bin.zip nativeEFImp21dardwindumperselected.zip
  6. Clover General discussion

    Dear Slice, I have another real Apple Mac testcase in BIOS-mode: MacPro 2.1 octo 16GB ati 5770 2x monitor dp>dvi-i + dvi-d Clover iso 928/9 CD only boots to a text menu if no internal/external usb/sata disks are connected to the MacPro. Clover iso 928/9 CD can boot a external USB disk if the disk is powered on AFTER Clover had started from CD and persists inside its "Boot Maintenance Manager" sub-menu, in which you can select "boot from file". So the external usb-disk is powered on after Clover booted from CD. Clover iso 928/9 CD can chainload/boot a clover 928/9 on a external USB MountainLion installer disk with a visual GUI with 1600x1200! :-D Clover 923 chainloaded shows only 4 cores in the cpu-menu, booting the MountainLion installer with a patched MacPro dsdt makes it hang after the "cryptosupport.kext .... passed". (Chimera boots fine with this dsdt, but ofcourse not from external usb, on chimera shutdown/restart won't work) Clover iso 928/9 CD can chainload/boot a Windows 7 prof 64 EFI installer from external fat32 USB disk from the clover text sub-menu "boot from file"! :-D Explanation: Clover ISO 928/9 64 bit will only boot till a ncurses like menu when all internal and external(usb) disks are disconnected from the MacPro! After ending up in the textmenu (not the normal highress/color GUI with a mouse), the keyboard works and you must select the lowest menu item "Boot Maintenance Manager". When you are in that sub-menu, POWERON a USB disk which contains a MountainLion installer and a Clover 923 install, wait a couple of seconds. Than select "boot from file" and go to volume of MountainLion into the folder /EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi on that external USB disk and boot it. Than the visual highress/color Clover menu shows up, showing version 923!!! Or select a external USB fat32 volume with a Windows 7prof 64 installer and boot the /efi/boot/bootx64.efi and you have a working Windows 7 installation. Clover 923 will not chainload from 928/9 if usbmouse driver is loaded! So only FSinject.efi may exist in the 64bit efi driver folder of the usb disk. So referring back to the earlier made real MacBookPro 5.1 testcase http://www.insanelym...00#entry1873065 which boots clover 883 with a visual highress GUI instantly from the Clover CD ISO, but usb support is totally dead so you cannot interact with it(logo keeps spinning). On the other side on this real MacPro2.1 the usb support partly works for keyboard input and external usb disk support(powered on after clover has loaded its SUB-menu from which you can select "boot from file"), but the bootloader will not even start if any disk is connected. It will show only the black screen with a highress white cursor/dash on the topleft corner shows and seems to hang although "CTRL-ALT-DELETE" can still reboot the machine so it doesn't really hang. I'll try a clean Fat32 Clover install to enable logging on these real macs this weekend. ps: also a MacBookPro3.1 will be tested.
  7. Clover General discussion

    Test Case: Real MacBookPro 5.1 BIOS Mode The latest Clover ISO CD version that boots with a Graphical interface "native high resolution" is 883-64bit. Later versions till 929 all give a black screen after showing a high ress white cursor in the top left of the screen. All versions of the Clover ISO have no USB support working! So after Clover starts and you end with the graphical interface no onboard keyboard/touchpad or external mouse / keyboard nor usb disk are working so no response, but the clover LOGO is rotating :-D. Soon I can try a native fat32 clover install on the internal disk and maybe make some boot logs, because this info is maybe not that usefulll. This MacBookPro 5.1 uses nvidia chipsets, so maybe thats related to the non functional USB ports just a guess? It has multiple graphic cards but in BIOS mode it only uses 9600GT and not the 9400. PS: this machine runs Mountain Lion natively. Update: Clover 954 ISO 64 *It boots Clover ISO to a highress Clover GUI, only if also a USB stick with Clover install is attached and it usb works partly ;-)! *Keyboard/Mouse internal/usb still dead, burned serveral custom ISO's with/without/combinations drivers (usbmouse/psmouse/Xhci .efi ect) so cannot actualy interact with the Clover GUI Menu *Hotplug extra USB disks/sticks will show up additional Icons in the Clover GUI, so it doesn't hang :-) but because of lacking keyboard/mouse I cannot interact with it. nativeEFImbp51darwindumperselected.zip
  8. Clover General discussion

    I think at least 2 instances is realistic, in case of a broken local installed instance of clover which doesn't boot, a second installed instance of clover on a external USB or from the Clover ISO CD version must be able to do the re-install/fix of the internal volume. Of course I see no reason of having multiple instances of clover installed and active alltime, but at least in a recovery scenario it must work without conflict. Still no one? I have this problem on multiple systems. I think it does need the option "WithKexts" to conflict with /Extra/Extensions. ###### installes some ElliotRTC..kext installed in /Extra/Extensions while booting clover it shows :-D up in the console with yellow letters cannot load that kext. This patch was not in the /EFI/Kexts/ directory nor some where else in that volume. Setup: I use USB stick with MBR scheme, formated with HFS+ partition for external clover and internal disks are GUID scheme with clover as MBR install on the active HFS+ volume, the real EFI partition isn't used. I'm booting all the systems in BIOS mode. Next week I will be able to test real MacPro1.1/2.1 again with clover(they gave black screen, I think because real refit was installed). I can also make some VIDEO bios dumps for Nvidia gtx 640 2GB versions, if there still needed for the high resolution bootscreen patch.
  9. Clover General discussion

    Small inconsistencies still there. Missing files: I already tried to address boot inconsistencies when multiple volumes including each a instance of Clover bootloader are connected during boot. When the internal disk is booted by BIOS and no other volumes are connected it works fine, but it cannot find its dsdt.aml anymore when multiple volumes are connected (which also including Clover/refit)since it looks for the dsdt.aml on the other volumes even though BIOS still boots the same disk first? Still not anyone that can verify this bug? Extra/Extensions: Clover 905 also boots /Extra/Extensions/ folder made by chimera, can anyone verify that? When "WithKexts" is used in clover and a local /Extra/Extensions folder is available like done by the Chimera installer. Id like to have two instances of bootloaders on one Volume for trouble shooting / external legacy BIOS boot, but I would like them not to conflict. My to earlier posts also try to adress the inconsistencies noted by changing themes/icons/config files.
  10. Clover General discussion

    Refit was just an extra example because it also makes a EFI folder like clover, that might confuse the Clover bootloader. Removing one instance is in my opinion not a realistic solution. Because if you want to do a re-install of your system, there still persists a local installed version of clover EFI on the internal HD, the CD/USB clover media behaves different and may refuse to boot because it may refer to a possible broken local config/theme/dsdt/etc! Vice/Versa. So a situation that multiple installed instances of Clover on different media exist on the same system is kind of normal (Installed version/External bootable). Offcourse in normal operation you will not have the external CD/USB disk with the additional Clover instance attached... Another Example: If I boot the local internal HD with Clover 897 version, and a external USB volume with clover is also attached on that system. The local clover will not find the dsdt.aml file on the local disk, so the system boots without it. If I disconnect the USB clover disk. It works fine and uses the dsdt.aml file. The BIOS boots the local internal drive first. Vice Versa, booting the CD/USB external version of clover first in BIOS also makes strange assumptions in using themes and dsdt.aml files when local installed Clover versions exist. My external install media CD/DVD have a disklabel name that is lower in alphabetical order than the my local install of OSX, maybe it has something to do with that. This happens in BIOS boot with 32/64 bit clover modes.
  11. Clover General discussion

    On a real Mac, I installed refit from http://refit.sourceforge.net/ and when I boot clover from CD on a Mac where on the internal disk refit was installed it mixes up the looks of cloverCD as its booting. This mix up of config/themes also happens on pc's with just clover local internal disk install while booting from the clover CD version. I think I cannot be more clear on this to explain it?
  12. Clover General discussion

    Anyone notice problems with conflicting config files, when clover boots from cd or usb, it uses the config files from the installed local drive? This is also happening with 897. When real refit is installed on the internal drive on a macbook pro, clover boots from a CD version on a macbookpro and themes mixup. This was only tested with an older version. Right now I don't have direct acces to the real Macs. But in near future I can test real MacPro 1.1 /2.1 again, the 2.1 Macpro with a hd5700 ended with a blackscreen and cursor on a older version of Clover CD, but with high resolution 1600x1200. Offtopic: I finally discovered that I had to pass to Questionaries/Quizes from this forum to reply to this topic ;-)