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  1. Hi I have a big problem with my HD3000: -White lines in the background at startup -graphics bug when running any application I tried to change kext, to give it some but nothing changed ... I tried to put my original dsdt but nothing ... My hardware configuration is: i7-2670QM - Chipset HM65 motherboard -HD3000 (integrated) -GT555M ... -4g ram ddr3 I'm trying to find a solution for months, but I can not .. : ( guys i need your help please: (every day I try and try again but nothing different configurations: ( I recently read the change id card HD3000 which in my case is 0x0116 ... I have read that some have solved by setting it to 126, but I do not know how to do it: ( I also read about the change dsdt Dual-Link, that I can not apply for the mistakes that my original dsdt has ... I am desperate because I seem to have solved and instead every time the problem reoccurs .. I also read to change the FakeSMC.kext latest version to resolve but nothing ... I've tried using a mac mini SMBIOS 5.1, I tried with macbook pro 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 with ###### but nothing yet .. Someone please help me: ( I attach my dsdt .. : (