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  1. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Is anyone else using their Quo board with a Thunderbolt display?
  2. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    I did a quick search and could not find anything on this topic. As I have posted before, I have been using my Quo with a mini-display port Apple Display without issue. Today I had the chance to try a real thunderbolt display, and although the display is working correctly, some of the on-board devices including the built-in USB hub are not. I also have no sound coming out through the display speakers, but this is not an audio drive issue as the sound plays well though airplay. See this screenshot from the system report. Any ideas on how I can get them to work?
  3. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Hey BugsB - I see you are using an apple display. Is your keyboard plugged into the display, or directly into a port on the mobo? I experienced similar issues until I plugged the keyboard directly.
  4. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Setting it to legacy only did the trick.
  5. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    That did the trick. Thanks so much!
  6. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Thank you genzai. I will give it a shot tonight and report back.
  7. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    The bios/boot menu only appear if the dvi is connected, and it only appears on that display. The apple display is "dead" until the white screen with the apple logo or the "starting windows" shows up. I can load a video if it helps.
  8. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Is anyone else using an apple display with mini display port terminal (not thunderbolt) connected to the on-board thunderbolt port? If so, are you able to see the BIOS setup or the boot menu? I can only see them if I hook up a second monitor to the on-board DVI connector and am trying to troubleshoot. I do not have discrete graphics, and my specs are as follow: Quo Computer board 3770k CPU 32GB RAM (2 X this) Os X 10.8.5 on a Samsung 840 SSD (disk0) Win 7 on an Intel SSD Apple Mini-Display Port connected to on-board TB Dell display connected to DVI (only to troubleshoot, not part of my permanent setup) I have the on-board graphics enabled (as opposed to auto) in the BIOS. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  9. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Hello everyone, long time lurker on this site, but this is one of my first posts. I received my Quo MB a few days ago. Today I installed W7 on a SSD, worked like a charm. This evening I flashed the custom bios, ran the 10.8 usb installer on a different SSD, worked like a charm. But I have two challenges: the first one is I cannot seem to get the OZ boot manager GUI to load (even though F12 works). The second issue is that F12 only works if I have a DVI monitor plugged in. If I am on a TB display, it seems to hang. Are these known issues? Any known workarounds? Any tips will be appreciated - but this thing is rocking! Thanks to everyone who has worked on it.