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  1. osxone


    Every time I re boot and do an update check with this tool i get the same intelmausi kext isnt upto date I update it and by next boot the same thing happens, there is an update your version 1.0.0 as in top picture bottom picture shows that 1.0.2 installed
  2. Thank you for your reply, I have tried as you have suggested only to find it did not resolve the matter, but thanks anyway
  3. z97 extreme 6 asrock clover boot screen cannot select options with usb mouse only keyboard arrows and enter boots into Catalina fine latest beta release and both keyboard and mouse work in the os. However at the clover boot screen I can only select the options with my keyboard the mouse cursor stays static but on screen? wondering if I have forgotten to install any options in Clover? as it boots fine and both keyboard and mouse work but not at the clover screen any ideas? thanks
  4. sound not working on internal speaker set but the two line output sets work and the Microphone works fine Motherboard is an old Gigabyte z77x udh5 tried layout id 1,3 7 no dsdt os High Sierra latest release build many thanks to anyone familiar with this Motherboard
  5. WANTED TO ASK a none specific to drives, Motherboards, I have an ssd drive partitioned in half one operating system is High Sierra the other Mojave, Although I can boot to either drive Why can I not see the Efi of High Sierra only Mojave? I installed High Sierra first, loaded up Efi, kext ect but as soon as Mojave was installed I can no longer access the Efi of High Sierra only Mojave.? any thoughts as to why this happens on the same drive as it does not happen on two separate ssd drives
  6. osxone

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.4

    can anyone help? what is the difference between the developer builds and the beta builds? I have developer build 18e174f and noticed that some have build number 18e184e Thanks osxone
  7. Breaks out my shield and gets ready for the flac I deleted a line out of the root which was associated with my Bluetooth device sadly like all things I now realize I shouldn't have done that tried to find the deleted line and well, was not able to. I now have no Bluetooth devices even when I plug in different usb Bluetooth dongles. so my question to those with more wisdom is :- is it possible to extract the missing line from the Mojave installer and re install it or is it a re install only? I am not too concerned if it is a re install, we all learn and even an old git like me still learns. I did try x code Bluetooth to re install that way but for some reason it did not work. remember go easy you will be an old git one day thanks and waits for the stick osxone
  8. osxone

    macOS Mojave 10.14.3 is out!!!

    The Pro Video Formats package provides support for the following codecs that are used in professional video workflows: • Apple ProRes RAW and ProRes RAW HQ* • Apple Intermediate Codec • AVC-Intra 50 / 100 / 200 / 4:4:4 / LT • AVC-LongG • XAVC • XF-AVC • DVCPRO HD • HDV • XDCAM EX / HD / HD422 • MPEG IMX • Uncompressed 4:2:2 The Pro Video Formats package also includes the following MXF support: • Play MXF files in QuickTime Player and other supported macOS applications • MXF plug-in and presets for use in Compressor 4.3 and earlier Learn more about working with MXF: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204322 * Requires a Mac computer that supports Metal
  9. osxone

    asus z97 usb 3.1 892 audio

    Thank you from the stubborn Mule, did you get my PM
  10. osxone

    asus z97 usb 3.1 892 audio

  11. osxone

    asus z97 usb 3.1 892 audio

    Hey, I am an old Mule, changing the layout id in clover is no big deal, I havent solved the problem because soon as I restore the dst file and folders it will go back to id 7 anyway old Mule say apologise ok Layout id 92 produce richer sound very good . now question is stubborn Mule not what to do once dst file is restored and it goes back to 7 when i need it to be layout id 92
  12. osxone

    asus z97 usb 3.1 892 audio

    layout id 15 works with all speakers and microphones, I removed the folders origin, and patched so now i need to know how to change the id in the folders when i put them back
  13. osxone

    asus z97 usb 3.1 892 audio

    Mirone said " osxone, the problem is not in DSDT, u need edit AppleHDA, follow tutorial above, prepare urself, is hard", I do not know how to edit AppleHDA as Mirone suggests. I do not possess the knowledge to edit AppleHDA. I am sure if it was just the case of changing the layout id then he would have suggested it, I will try and understand how to edit applehda
  14. osxone

    asus z97 usb 3.1 892 audio

    Mirone could not solve the issue because most of the sound output and input works it is something to do with the pin tables and in his words would require alot of editing to try and resolve the issue, I have four chanels and microphone and line Mirone said " the problem is not in DSDT, u need edit AppleHDA . I did upload my ioreg output untitled folder.zip
  15. I am sixty years of age and finding my way around hackintosh so not up to speed with all that there is to know, It upsets me a great deal when asking for help that someone replies to an old person such as myself as if to be abusive towards me. Maybe some know everything there is to know I came here to learn and to share a passion for this hobby please read the postings under sound where I ask for help, remember I am not in any way an expert just, asking for advice and a solution. What options are open to users of the forum when we feel someone's approach which does not offer a solution only abuse and does not create a positive atmosphere to learn in. OsxOne