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  1. Dual Monitors and Pascal

    Strange, I've never lost POST screen, neither DP signal with only one monitor...until sleep/wake. After that, I have a lot of chances of video signal lost. It seems a wide behaviour... One more question, if you let me, does sleep/wake work in your X99 system? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Any news on the sleep/wake front? I'm really interested in that. Thanks.
  3. It's fascinating how this platform eludes working sleep... Is better Gigabyte than Asus in terms of sleeping (or chances to get it working ) Thanks.
  4. Dual Monitors and Pascal

    I'm having similar issues with multiple monitor setup, and with black screen after wake, so I'll follow this thread closely. One curious thing, I had my HDMI 2.0 port working with Samsung TV 4K (KS7500) with no HDMI-DP adapter (Club3d CAC-1070), anyone can confirm HDMI 2.0 working in your rigs?
  5. My Windows 10 for gaming works flawlessly with two DP (TV + Monitor) I'll check them out, thanks.
  6. Hi, I'm having similar issues, KFA/Galaxy 1080 and multi-monitor setup. If I boot using two simultaneous connections from nvidia 1080, only works one of them (I have two DPs, one to a Samsung 4K Tv and the other to regular 4K monitor with DP). I also experienced issues after wake from sleep (black screen, working everything else). I wonder if some nvidia 1080 are "right" and others are "wrong", any thoughts? Anyone with same multi-monitor issues with nvidia 1080?