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  1. Ok, I well I wanted to write this post simply because it may save someone else a couple minutes here or there. Regarding the Compaq Presario 700 series, specifically the one I purchased which is a 769US model. First of all; it WORKS; so if you are considering this computer, I am quite pleased in terms of the large hard drive space; and fast speed under Leopard, especially compared to my other dual-core laptop a Satellite A205 series. Don't install any version of Leopard under 10.5.2, and if you install 10.5.2 I highly suggest that when the installation finishes, you re-run the Leopard Graphics Updater. I must have played with a million different Leopard installations; each with complications particularly regarding the X3100 video; it would garble up a lot on reboots, etc, there are power management complications with some Leopard releases too. Some of the installation discs did not properly initialize the video card either; and I would either get stuck at a blank blue screen usually, or I had to boot with -x -f. The best installation experience I had was with the iAtkos 4 DVD which has 10.5.4 by default installation; this proved to be the most stable in terms of the power management, ps2 issues as well. But the #1 tip I have in terms of getting this laptop to work correctly - GO INTO YOUR BIOS AND DISABLE THE SATA LEGACY OPTION. This laptop just would not work correctly until I disabled this function in the BIOS. Once I did this, every restart was smooth as butter, with the exception of the first two after the initial first time it rebooted correctly. I did not think it was working properly until I rebooted like twice. Then it all came up working, audio, lan, graphics, etc. The only thing that I have not gotten to work correctly for now is the Wireless, Atheros A5007 series, and for some reason; OS X does detect some kind of airport card installed but it won't function. So for now, I'm going to just replace the mini PCI-E card; you could also get a USB dongle like the Realtek USB ones at any store. Anyway, I'm pretty impressed in terms of the laptop's performance, and especially compared to a genuine Mac - I think it's a load faster than the MacBook, You don't pay extra to get one in Black, and you can upgrade the CPU and innards without the Mac's complicated chassis disassembly process which frustrates me. I wish Apple would either license OS X for x86 platforms or else decide to make a computer under $2500 that doesnt have a monitor stuck to a laptop hard drive for your desktop. Some of us out there like to be able to upgrade our computers and fix them easily. I refuse to spend double on something when I can get the same thing for market price. I'll support Apple products in any way I can, I think OS X is far better than Windows, most of the Third Party drivers are now widely available and even if they were to loose hardware sales; Bill Gates is still the pretty rich and I think he's doing OK last time I checked! Oh and also - turn off all sleep or suspend options in the System Pref. Let your BIOS turn off your screen instead - the screen won't come back on if OS X does it.
  2. i really was tearing my hair out on this one, and after trying so many freakin things finally i just deleted all the kexts that involve ps2 and some of the power ones that i was trying to fix along the way, and that did the trick. if the versions of the kexts dont match youre not getting anywhere. make sure that its not skipping the extension due to similar kexts. THIS WILL WORK
  3. i installed the paulicat natit.kext and couldnt get anything, deleted the proper extensions... blah blah nothing. THEN i installed the leographicsupdate from the leo4all cd system installer packages folder and restarted and bam everything worked. so install the graphicsupdate and restart and see if this does it for you. cheers!let me just say that if it installed by default, do it AGAIN...
  4. realtek 8187b & wlan usb utility

    ok i got this to work thank god and i have the wlan utility connected to my network BUT the ethernet profile in network in system preferences cannot get passed the self assigned ip address to get the real one. any suggestion?WORKING... if anyone else has this problem use WEP security no WPA2. now to solve the last few issues - why my internal mouse and trackpad only work with booting -f, fixing m y gma965 x3100 screen and also you GOTTA use Realtek_RTL8187B_MacOS10.4_Driver_1088_UI_1.5.0.zip
  5. realtek 8187b & wlan usb utility

    using the leo4allv2 disc i couldnt get a battery meter or anything.... i installed iatkos over leo4all just now and i have the screen working, and the battery meter... still no working wlan. ive honestly tried nearly every releases of the realtek driver and uninstalled after every try. does anyone else have this issue? have you fixed it? now i really only have this hurdle to pass through on my way to total leopard conversion on my new notebook. thanks!
  6. my card is working..... but i cannot get the wlan utility to start. bounces on dock, then stops bouncing but never actually loads. once it loaded (not with this installation though) and so i am frustrated. this is the last thing i need to get osx86 running on my notebook. a satellite a205-s5804. everything else works great. have to boot with -f to get trackpad /kb working...? video driver isnt installed but i know gma965 works ive seen it so ill save that for later. PLEASE HELP
  7. leopard x86 performance troubles

    no definately not bad ram because ive got the module in another system. i think it has to do with the motherboard having some kind of chipset limitation. the bios only detected 3.12gb of ram even with 4gb installed, os x detected all 4gb but windows and all other oses only 3.12gb that includes x64 versions of windows. i think its some kind of limitation of the 945 chipset.
  8. leopard x86 performance troubles

    i just wanted to follow up that i solved this problem by removing 1gb of ram and staying under the 4gb mark. with 3gb everything is smooth as silk. add the extra 1gb in again and im toast. this is on an msi 945p neo board.
  9. i need some uber good advice right now. i am having a frustrating performance average from my osx86 machine running 10.5. I am a long time osx86'er at this point, and i custom spec'd each part of this particular computer to run as a speedy machine for web design and adobe stuff. im running kalyway 10.5.1 paired with a dual core cpu, 4gb of ddr2 667, 7200gs nvidia, over 2tb of disc space on various locations accessible to this computer either via FW or all on sata 2 drives, and even still indexing files during a search requires finder to like take over. Anywho it's to the point I have turned off all automatic backups of my web server data, turned off norton antivirus and other bg type programs, disabled the 3d dock, etc. I am really annoyed that im lagging on virtual memory so badly. What the hell can I do. At any average moment (nearly 24-7) I'm at least running Firefox, Flash, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I open a ton of tabs in FF reloading code. I'm finding myself having to budget with Photoshop CS3 and continually close extra files that I am not using, and even without any files open its using about 1gb of memory by itself. forget VMware anymore, too. This shouldn't be happening; perhaps I need to change distros or do something in Terminal but I basically want to trim down OS X so that I can get the speed I had with 10.4.8 Jas. Any suggestions? Im forced to restart the computer an average of twice a day to clear Photoshop CS3s questionable memory hole issues. Perhaps I should take 1gb out of stay under the 3GB celing too.
  10. Iatkos almost installed! Need help.

    what you really should be doing is getting the bootloader onto the correct drive couple of things that i had to do in the past day. try to install leo to a new clean hd. make sure your bios isnt on pnp os so that the drve setup there is all good. check your sata pata configurations in your bios. if youre putting drives in again later, recheck... sometimes repairing permissions will fix it too... try installing without other volumes present... check gparted live cd boot flagsyoud get more answers if you posted in the osx86 area
  11. definitive thread for MSI 945P Neo3-F

    if you install leopard, make sure you have the bios set to non pnp os or you will not have the correct bootloader information.
  12. iATKOS v1.0i Released

    repair disk permissions on the first drive to get rid of the linethere are a couple of buggy things here but this is the best installnow the line is back snd it greey screened :(from the standpoint of a fellow web developer / designer / osx86er i want to constructively say that this app had the best install all day of all the leopard releases. it actually booted fast too. however it has a lot of bugs that honestly are simple fixes and for that they sholdnt be excusable and the interface is not all there yet. a lot of things crash randomly. for me, the reason that i run osx86 in the first place is because i require tons of stability in terms of my computer. i refuse to comprimise my hardware specs to apple and my ability to design windows vista and thats one of the few things i can say seriously.that is not to diminish from any of the wonderful contributions made on prior releases of which i have at least ten of at both arm's length
  13. ebios errors on legacy ide

    im definately having some issues still but im suprised to find out that this is what i was supposed to be doing --- this is unlike any other os x install ive ever done
  14. ebios errors on legacy ide

    if this happens to you for whatever reason, all you gotta do is get your os x install disc on an external usb or firewire or flash drive, make sure you can select it as a startup disk, and then go into the drive, click the installer and it should restart on that drive thus ending all the confusing errors. otherwise, it will be just continually looping in verbose mode.
  15. ebios errors on legacy ide

    by now i have figured out through countless thousands of os x installs on pc hardware that if i haven't encountered it, surely someone else out there has. heres my sceanario. downloaded kalyway (zip, not iso) unzipped, burned, put into my os x server computer, pressed any key to boot from cd, installer launched, everything went smoothly, not a hitch, all my hardware worked out of the very first boot no extra kexts (msi 945p neo 3, highly recommend this board due to 4gb ram celing vs 2)this msi motherboard based computer that everything was seamless on has one sata hard drive and the dvd drive is on pataturned around and stuck the disc into a dell e310 which is gma, ich6 and known to work flawlessly with osx minus the sigmatel, and the cd just continually generates sector 64 error messages until it finally restarts or the screen goes blank. that computer is using and ide hard disk with an external usb dvdrw. same thing happens on my toshiba a45 laptop, which has both devices on enhanced ide. i know that this has NOTHING TO DO WITH MY DISC, write speed etc, this is a pata sata issue and i was hoping someone out there could tell me how to just boot that install baby. im having the same problem in literally two machines at the same time. tried -legacy at boot, -s -v, i bet this is something really damn simple, and whoever answers this first will probably help a lot of other people. thanksoh yeh also if i put an ide hd in the tower that i have the successful install of leopard, unplug the sata drive i thought i could do an install and move the hd to another computer but thats not working either. same rror messages occur on the working computer then.