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  1. I can see in your signature something in Speedstep/Sleep that it is done via Clover injection, also in the config you have some C states etc. I dont have these, but I did not had kernel panic, never(since succesfull config) but sometimes I experince shutdown issues, it did not shut down or it take toooooo much time...
  2. Thank you for update, are your Clover files somehow tweaked? I am asking if it worth to replace my current confing with yours...
  3. So USB is working just fine Thank you again... my WiFi dongle is working just right Here is little video I made check it out
  4. About the skype, I guess you have phone or tabler, right? .. as I said, if you want, contact me and I can try to help you... Going to install those USB kexts, so lets see if it helps
  5. I was also on dell line for hours... so you have switched to UEFI boot... disabled secure boot and enabled Legacy option ROM, right? If you want, you can download image of Arch Linux(Kubuntu,Ubuntu, whatever...) and open SSH port for me, I can analyse your PC and can also install it on flash drive in UEFI mode.. if you dont trust me, you can remove HDD from NTB.. its up to you, but I have spend 2-3 days instaling OS(es), especially windows, but if you have A12 as me, I dont beleave that UEFI on your PC is in worse shape than on mine... Or you can place other HDD(or bigger Flash drive) and we can Skype or somethink, it is better to see what you see so I could share my experineces and hints... well its up to you... I am willing to help you, since you contributed so much to our 7720 which is handy to me I offer only compensation
  6. Dr, Hurt: Unfortunatelly I have Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 2230 ... Lejenk: Thats weird that you cannot boot via UEFI... Have you seen my videos on youtube?
  7. Thank you very much Lejenk.., I dont care about speed, more important is compatibility for me... by the way DSDT you attached works like a charm!! At least I know that Clover is loading custom DSDTs Have you tryed EFI partition I have shared?
  8. Thank you, I will try that... do you beleave that in some bright future USB 2.0 will be working? Or is that something none kext or DSDT patch cannot solve...? You know, most of the WiFi usb dongles are 2.0 ...
  9. yep.. figured it out, that update added default kexts again... but that mean that dsdt is not turning off nvidia, right?
  10. OMG, I have installed update from 10.8 to 10.8.2 via AppStore and my Mac OS does not load any more When kernel logging screen disapears then it turns on graphical screen, it is all grey and in the moment when the apple should apear it reboots immediatelly did you had such problem?
  11. Hello again, so yesterday I managed to make Clover working... It includes all neded drivers, so just extract it directly to your EFI partition and in bios add UEFI entry to /EFI/BOOT/CLOVERX64.efi... I would appreciate if you played a bit with that config, because it is very inteligent bootloader and I dont know how to analyse impact on OSX.. for example, even when I am loading your DSDT(I hope), my NVIDIA card is still active.. when GPU injection was active I would say that my NVIDIA was somehow activeted because it was also showing PCI port in wchich it claimed to be connected... so I am bit confused, hope you will make this better BTW everything included in my ZIP has latest versions... EDIT: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/282787-clover-v2-instructions/ this is very detailed guide to Clover... since I dont know really much about DSDT, I cannot decide what to conf to perform best EFI.zip
  12. first version of clover had in installer in Drivers64 driver for HFS, so I guess thats what was missing.. BUT on the latest version I am missing that option EDIT: confirmed, so I was missing HFS driver, that the reason why I have not seen my Mac.. I have it... also I had black screen on the latest build, but solved it by editing some 2 configs and also turned on loging to file(very helpful)..
  13. I am fighting with Clover from my last post .. as I read, it should be able of auto DSDT patching, auto SMBIOS and other magics.. so it seems like you have Clover runnig.. could you be so kind and share with me your EFI partition contents please ? It would be helpfull.. I have read that booting with UEFI bootloader changes lots of things for Mac OS, compared with Chameleon way... for windows and linux it doesnt make any significant difference, but you dont have to hack anything I had some Clover r8xx, which was not showing Mac OS entry, so I downloaded latest r1xxx and now I have only black screen..weird... BTW when I plug USB2 devices, mac dont see it :/ so definetly it the problem was that it was waiting on flash to mout root, but flash was ignored by darvin...
  14. Hello from my new 10.8 ... well I was offline for a while, trying to find some solution... well I got pissed off enough so I did it my dirty way... I have booted Linux and started VirtualBox and in terminal created virtual disks which pointed to my HDD and USB FLASH DISK, added them as SATA devices, changed access permission to those devices. Turned off DSDT and installed vanilla in VBox but destinated to my physical hdd, reboot and booted up via USB.. the problem must be in USB.. perhaps you had USB3.0 flash disk... dunno... but finaly I am in.. need to find some EFI bootloader and install kexts.. to connect me online I use my HTC EVO 3D, connected my phone to WiFi and turned on bluetooth tethering.. paired my phone via BT and here I am.. do you recommend me to use DSDT you have prepaired for me or should I use your ? Still ...that BTW it is better to realign HDD before running Mac OS installer, since it was installing on the mouted HDD on running system, safe solution would be to do it from Linux live distro...
  15. Thank you for your support!! I appreciate it. About PCIRootUUID, is that typo or it really differs from PCIRootUID, because in verbose mode in early boot I can see PCI-Root-UID is 0 .. so it is default value.. I have also tryed tu put there 1 as I saw in some other forum. I have checked my flash drive and based on your info I have 10.8 installer too... DSDT=No, doest not changed anything... I have aslo tryed to do lots of combinatios of flags + also removed HDD and SDD, switched BIOS to pure legacy mode without UEFI... but still the same I cant beleave that our laptos differs in that way, that I cannot even boot installer .. Could you be so kind and copare your pure, untouched, DSDT with mine? Maybe Dell changed something.. dsdt.txt