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  1. Samsung NC 10

    Thanks for hint with AzaliaAudio.pkg .... this works now (also without jacks) --> What did you do to get the battery indicator? I've now installed Kalyway 10.5.2 with ComboUpdate 10.5.5 + USB Fix 1.3
  2. Samsung NC 10

    ok ladies, this is my posting written in safari in my wlan on my couch on the nc10 as written before i have already replaced the wlan card with an airport extreme. no need to say that this runs fine in osx. but: - graphics first only 800x600 after install of kexts by walcott, i get 1024x600 but without qe - no sound - no ethernet - no apm i think also no or no correct fancontrol far away from "out-of-the-box" ) if anyone knows tips about installing the sound ALC272 plz let me know
  3. Samsung NC 10

    Yesterday i got my NC10 - thx to Alternate ^^ Theres no BT und u can't use the pci slot since there is no connector. Also I couldn't find a sim slot. The WLAN Adapter is know as not compatible with osx. So i already replaced it by an original apple airport extreme card which already works fine in win. today i'll buy an usb dvd drive in town and will test kalyway 10.5.2 + 10.5.3 combo I will report wich components work sorry for bad english ...
  4. What DON'T you do in OS X?

    i do my monthly tax computation with win cause the win version is for free and a mac version with costs... sometime i will try it with parallels....
  5. Not connecting to network share

    In JAS10.4.9 Combo Update.zip you will find an additional zip which resolves this problem.
  6. Workaround for Apple's Software Updates?

    If you use the original Apple Update to 10.4.9 the system won't start next boot. I have updated to 10.4.9 via "Jas Update". All other updates (iphoto, tunes, security update, etc.) could be installed directly via "system update"
  7. Natit and Asus X1650 DDR2 pcie (SILENT)

    Hi, i have the same card. First installed 10.4.8 without QE and only 1024x768. After this, i installed this patch http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=35733 QE now working, resolution changable and rotation enabled. DualScreen not working. VGA OK, DVI only with DVI2VGA-Adapter. Then I installed the Jas 10.4.9 update and the new patch from the link above. -> No Change :-( So everything is fine except dual screen... This is my profiler: Monitor: Typ: Monitor Bus: PCIe VRAM (gesamt): 256 MB Hersteller: ATI (0x1002) Geräte-ID: 0x71c6 Versions-ID: 0x0000 Monitore: SONY SDM-HS73: Auflösung: 1280 x 1024 Farbtiefe: 32-Bit Farbe Core Image: Unterstützt Hauptmonitor: Ja Synchronisierung: Aus Eingeschaltet: Ja Quartz Extreme: Unterstützt Rotation: Unterstützt
  8. x1650 agp and pcie

    OSX 10.4.8 with JaS Update to 10.4.9 Graphics: ASUS X1650 Pro PCI-Express with 1 VGA and 1 DVI After Installation of the patch: QE / Resolution / Rotation works fine DVI only with adapter. Dual screen not available, both screens show the same :-(