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  1. iBook (G3) will not boot from CD

    First Hint is a great Idea, had to install 10.3 cause 10.1 didn't have the Restore Function , now Tiger is installing! Thx!
  2. I get an old iBook (G3, Dual-USB, 500 Mhz, 384 MB RAM, CD-ROM Drive...) which runs with MAC OS X 10.3.9 and i want to install MAC OS X 10.4. Specification of Tiger said that G3 and at least 256 MB RAM are enough. This is only a CD-ROM Drive so DVD cannot work, if i take a Original Apple MAC CD it is recognized under MAC and at start. If i try a 10.4 CD (burned not Original) it is also recognized under MAC but will not start from it! I tried following: - marked CD as Startup Volume - execute the MAC OS 10.4 Installer on the CD an made the requested reboot - hold "C" at startup - hold COMMAND Key at startup but only HDD was shown (if i put Original Apple CD in it was recognized) - burned 650 MB RW-CD instead of 700 CD - reset PRAM/VRAM with Command-Option-P-R - tried external DVD Drive with burned DVD (with 10.4) also now make a complete reinstallation with a original MAC OS X 10.1 but no change! any other ideas what i can do that the iBook will recognize the CD at startup?