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  1. Hello everyone I have a lenovo x200, but it is said to have problems with its graphic card and wifi. This class of laptop, with 4gb, 160gb, 12 inch monitor, made around 2008, are there any proven models whose all components are compatible with macos? Please recommend.
  2. What is the latest iDeneb which can be installed on Thinkpad x200?
  3. Hello everyone My 1st here. I wonder if you could find the solution to my problem. I am on xp32bit, installed vmware8 and 10.8.2 dedicated to vmware. I have followed all the instructions enclosed in the pack. The system works, but whenever I enter with the mouse the macos screen from that of wmware, I am getting a strange repetitive error message that other virtual machines are activated adn THEY can be shutdown/sleeped/something or cancelled the first three options simply switch off the macos and then vmware. The last one closes the message for a while and usually reopens it. when I am persistent enough in clicking cancel, unless I get out of the macos screen and get back again, I am fine. But sometimes the error pops up out of the blue. I wanted to install keyboard and mouse drivers in vmware, but it refuses. Is there a solution or should I look for a different setup?