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  1. So, I've recently installed SL from a retail disk on my Asus R500VD laptop using the ######/###### method. I've had previous experience with hackintoshing on my desktop, and installed SL completely and successfully with a few tweaks, so responses can be somewhat technical. During installation, my trackpad is non-functional, until about thirty minutes in, where it began to work with an inverted y-axis. Don't know if clicking worked, for I had no reason to click on anything at the time. After booting into the new installation, trackpad refuses to work, no matter what I try. I've spent a week and a half trying different methods online, but to no avail; I've tried all sorts of reccommended boot-args, and different 10.6 compatible kexts, but after the most recent kext install, keyboard stopped woking so I reinstalled. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!! Also cannot get usb to work, so no usb mouse. Relevant Specs: Elantech Trackpad 3rd gen quad-core i7 processor 2gb Nvidia GeForce Gfx 8gb DDR3 RAM 2 USB 2.0, 1USB 3.0 K55VD Motherboard Thanks All!!