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  1. Greetings! Before I throw myself into installing this on my N53SN, I have a few questions: 1. How stable is this? Can I use this as my daily driver in school? 2. How fast is this? What is the boot time? Is the intel gfx onboard enough to play full HD videos etc..? 3. Do you think we will ever fix NVidia for this? And the most important 4. Does gestures work (how many fingers, is it precise etc...)? Ok so I created a bootable drive, and I have gotten to the installer, but I am having a problem with my partitions... I can't seem to be able to install OS X on any of them! I have tried fat32, ntfs and even a hfs+ partition made with GParted. If I format it to (Mac OS Extended (Journaled) there is still the little triangle next to the drive... , I am trying to do this with my internal harddrive, without deleting windows