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  1. Alrighty. So I finish the install. I'm a little new at this so in phase 4, when it talks about installing extensions, I used osx86tools to autodetect and download my kexts. I then unzipped them and copied them as instructed. This alright? Now, booted with -v as instructed. Near the end of booting it starts to get these messages: Package 0 didn't get an HPET (this begins to repeat amongst the other boot messages) The panic message is: panic(CPU 0 caller 0x2E1FBB9C): "No HPETs available...CPU(s) configured incorrectly\n"@/SourceCache/ (my picture cuts off here so I don't get the full path, it wraps back though) /AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement-39/pmThread.c:100 Debugger called: <panic> so, something is very wrong here eh? My power mode in BIOS is S3. Any suggestions appreciated...
  2. -v: will do. May have time to try later tonight. I figured out what the Kernel Panic screen was after some Googling. I'm not new to computers but I'm very new to OSX. There's a lot to learn but I like it! Agreed. The article and the work behind are appreciated! I'll keep trying.
  3. The disk attempts to boot. I get the rotating thingie for a minute and then the screen does a downward wipe to dark grey and I get a message in a square box in the middle that I have to reboot. The message is in about 4 languages. It does not do the circle with the line through it. I can go through it when I get home tonight and get the exact text if that would help. I've also had this trouble with other boot-132 install methods I've tried from the board here. I can install and, if I feel like using the CD to boot, I can run things just fine. The hard-disk just won't boot on it's own though. Come to think of it, I've had this trouble since trying to install on a GUID partition. I had a running Leo4all install (on MBR) a while ago but it had some stability problems which is why I started over in the first place... The disk is a Samsung SP250C. I get the same error whether I use an ICH8 sata port or the JMicron sata port. I'd appreciate any thoughts.
  4. Hi Guys! This looks great but I'm beginning to lose my mind here so I'm hoping I'm missing something simple. Background: I'm installing on a Gig GA-965P-DS3. The board is Rev 3.3 BIOS F12. For those not familiar with it it's an ICH8 board that also has a JMicron 363 on it. Um... let's see... 2.4GHz C2D, 2GB 800Mhz RAM. SATA DVD-ROM in SATA0, Ubuntu 8.04 in SATA1. I'm trying to install on a 250GB drive. I have Sabr's GA-965P-DS3 boot-132 iso (here) I'm trying to install with a retail 10.5.4 dvd. Problems: 1. I notice when I switch from boot-132 to the retail DVD there are some error messages: "EBIOS...". They look like read errors but the disk continues to boot and when it's installing the consistency check passes. Is the disk borked or are these messages normal? I can go back and get the specific messages if need be - one of the only things I haven't written down at this point. I'll take the retail DVD back for exchange if I have to. 2. Once the install is done it gets another error: The yellow exclamation with "Install Failed" -- "The installer could not make the computer start up from the volume TAZ". OK - so it can't make the disk bootable but we should be able to fix that later right? 3. Using the boot-132 disk I can boot my Leopard install just fine. After registration I immediately get a disk insertion error: "The disk you inserted is not readable on this computer". Everything looks like an external disk and I'm assuming it's complaining about my Ubuntu disk. Is this something else? 4. Munky's instructions - phase 1. The diskutil info / command gives disk info for /dev/disk0s2, where the OS is but does not show /dev/disk0s1. Instead it gives errors: bash-3.2# diskutil info / 2008-09-23 21:59:49.658 diskutil[276:10b] _CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35 2008-09-23 21:59:49.798 DiskManagementTool[277:10b] _CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35 Device Identifier: disk0s2 Device Node: /dev/disk0s2 Part Of Whole: disk0 Device / Media Name: Untitled Volume Name: Taz Mount Point: / File System: Journaled HFS+ Journal size 24576 KB at offset 0x747000 Owners: Enabled Partition Type: Apple_HFS Bootable: Is bootable Media Type: Generic Protocol: SATA SMART Status: Verified Volume UUID: 3E39451D-D139-3102-AE9E-6374623783AC Total Size: 232.6 Gi (249714294784 (487723232 512-byte blocks) Free Space: 220.0 Gi (236264939520 (461454960 512-byte blocks) Read Only: No Ejectable: Yes Whole: No Internal: No I have tried continuing from here and am able to mount the EFI partition and copy just fine. The disk won't boot on it's own though. I have more questions but I'll stop here for now. Thanks in advance! MetroGnome
  5. Wireless printing to Canon i850

    Hi why_care, thanks for the response. I looked at those drivers but my i850 isn't there (of course). Now, my Ubuntu installation does recognize the printer and I'm pretty sure it uses CUPS. Maybe I'll dig around in there and see if I can find anything useful. Mildly frustrating but, of course, the problems will teach me about OSX, which is what the goal is for me. First lesson: the next printer we buy will not be a Canon. Thanks again.
  6. Hey folks, hope this is the right place for this... So I'm trying to install a wireless printer and get my hackintosh and the wife's MBP to print to it. I picked up a Linksys WPS54G-RM. Now I know Linksys isn't particularly Mac friendly but it was a good price and I'd read some online articles that were talking people through it. I'm in the IT industry (although new to OSX) and figured I'd be able to scratch my way through setting it up. I've got the thing up. I can go to it's web config and do all that needs to be done. What I can't do is add the frakkin printer in the OSX side. If I connect my Canon i850 via USB directly to my box, it shows up. The Canon driver I installed is automatically chosen. If I try to add a network printer (IPP or LPD) I get through everything but the Canon doesn't appear on the "Print Using:" dropdown list. From what I can gather, something is being smart about knowing that the Canon is a USB printer so it figures I couldn't possibly want to choose it for a network printer. Am I right about what is happening? Is there a way around it? The driver *IS* installed - and prints just fine if I hook the printer up directly. I just want to use that driver when I create a network printing destination and it won't let me. Any suggestions that don't involve hammers or dynamite would be more constructive than what I'm currently contemplating... Thanks much!
  7. No desktop disk icons

    @qbattersby You are DA MAN! I've got my drives back! Only the system drive came back with the script so I had to do some of the command line stuff further down in the article for the data disk but I've got them both back now. Thanks again. Much appreciated!
  8. No desktop disk icons

    Hi guys (or gals)... Thanks for taking the time to help me out. @Stubbfan Yeah, I try that and it opens a new Finder window but doesn't actually show my drive. Note that I don't see the drives under "DEVICES" in the finder either. However I can use the finder to browse my applications and data which, of course, are on disk0s1. It even shows the right amount of space available on the bottom of the finder window. Also, search will find files on both disks. @vaporATX Yup. That was one of the first things I looked at. I've probably checked and unchecked that thing 20 times now... Also, a friend thought it might be a problem with my desktop settings and suggested logging in as another user. I created a new user and logged in but still no drives on the desktop. I can still use these drives via "Go->recent" in the Finder or "open" drive in the Disk Utility. I'd just like the icons back on the desktop and they won't come back. Appreciate any help. Thanks!
  9. No desktop disk icons

    (sigh) I'm pretty new to osx86 (XP and work and Ubuntu at home) so lets just get that out of the way. I'm sure I've done something dumb here but I can't figure out what that might be. I successfully installed iAtkos on my GA-965P-DS3. I've done patches for sound and networking (posting from it now) and I'm running dual monitors on a 7900GS. Things run great. So, a couple of sessions ago I was exploring - this is still pretty new. I remember changing the lable colours of the disk icons on the desktop; the system disk and my data disk. These icons disappeared on the next reboot. Now I don't think anything has actually happened to the disks. Obviously I'm booting and can see all my files through the finder. Interestingly enough neither disk appears under devices even though I can find all my apps and files on the system disk with the finder. I can manually open either disk via the disk utility. Here's what I know: disk0s1 is system disk. disk1s1 is data disk. Show hard disks is checked in Finder Preferences. I have verified and fixed (minor errors) both disks. Both devices appear normally in the disk utility. I can mount and unmount my data disk but the icon still won't appear on the desktop. A df in the terminal shows: /dev/disk0s1 mounted on / /dev/disk1s1 mounted on /Volumes/disk1s1 Please please please. How do I get the icons back? I've searched the forums and Googled to no avail. Thanks much!
  10. Found my own answer. Don't know why I didn't see this thread before. Anyway, the upshot is that this board appears to be working pretty well. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...;hl=ga-965p-ds3 My understanding from a quick read of this thread is: PATA does work (after a patch I think) and the yellow sata ports work as well although some are faster than others. * NOTE - don't take my word for this. There are a lot of notes in that thread so I was skimming pretty quickly. I post here just in case someone else is having trouble finding that thread. Go read before you buy! Have fun
  11. I'm looking at a DS3 but, after reading this thread and HCL, I'm still unclear. Do the orange sata ports work or not? I'm buying a sata DVD writer, will this work on the orange ports? I've read in one place that everything works and in another place that pata and the orange sata ports don't work. If someone that knows could summarize the sata and pata issues I would truely appreciate it. Thank you!