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    Hi Kozlek, Is there a chance of getting some sensors from GTX 670 to report stats, here is what i get from the kernel log : 7/30/12 12:55:48.000 AM kernel[0]: NouveauSensors: VBIOS successfully read from PROM 7/30/12 12:55:48.000 AM kernel[0]: NouveauSensors: BIT VBIOS found 7/30/12 12:55:48.000 AM kernel[0]: NouveauSensors: [Warning] voltage table 0x50 unknown 7/30/12 12:55:48.000 AM kernel[0]: NouveauSensors: detected an NVE0 generation card (0x0e4090a2) with 2048 Mib of GDDR5 memory
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    For some reason I'm not able to get temps right next to the icon, only a long list of sensors once you click the icon. Any ideas what might be wrong ? I was able to do this with older version of Hwmonitor and Lion, not having any luck so far with latest HWSensors and 10.8.
  3. Something in ML GM is messing up the Sandy Bridge & Z77X-UD5H overclocks that worked in 10.7.4 with SSDT files.
  4. are you using NullCPU kext, DSDT or SSDT ?
  5. EvgeniX, I have the same system as you, and the overclock used to work in 10.7.4 and Win 7. After 10.8 GM install the machine boots and once the desktop shows up it freezes. If I remove the overclock and use default CPU speed the ML works great. In Win 7 Overclock still works. Can you please share your bios settings and did you modify apple CPU power management or ssdt file?
  6. Will this method work on Z77 mobos or its exclusive to Z68 ?