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  1. @Baldy_Man: Nice specs on your rig am thinking of trying WC out myself.... @Rampage Dev: Thanx, looking into your blog!! eSata finally works!! GREAT!!
  2. Thanx Baldy_Man, with the -v cpus=1 the system boots up in exsisting os...so thats a relief! Should have thought of this myself. What does the voodooTSCync kext do? My system already shows 1 processor and 4 Cores? Edit: Wel, i installed the voodooTSCync kext and everything works like before....Thanx again. I found lots of Google hits once i knew what to search for.
  3. Hi all, I had a great working hackintosh systeem with SSD raid but after updating the Asus P9X79 bios from the .rom to the new .cap file system, my hack will not boot up anymore. Any of you know how to resolve this or point me in the right direction? Ps. i also have Carbon Copy clone backup on a HD, but this also does not boot up after bios update. ( it did before) Even my ML install USB does not startup so i should look at bios settings or maybe an extra kext?