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    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hi @MacPeet, A while ago I wrote you about my issue with the headphone jack my audio is cx8200 and you provided me with the SSDT-CX8200.aml which should solve the problem (the problem is that external audio output is working but external input i.e mic doesn't ) long story short that fixes the issue but causes the pc to restart randomly so I deleted the file. Recently I noticed that the contents of the SSDT-CX8200.aml is very similar with a portion of another .aml file in my clover and I think maybe this is causing the bootloop. So I thought is it possible to replace the part that is in my file wi the one of ssdt-cx8200 and try to use that? if so can you please help with that. I'm attaching the two files as well as the portions of the code between the two files that I find similar. Thanks in advance. SSDT-CX8200.aml SSDT-4x0G4k.aml Code comparison.docx
  2. Hi all, hope you can help me. So I have the aformentioned laptop with Mojave and my combo headphone jack works well when it comes to audio but doesn't enable the mic on my headphones. I posted in the topic about the AppleALC awhile ago and they suggested I put the SSDT-CX820 0.aml (attached) in my clover folder. That fixed the issue with the mic, but created an even bigger one cause after several minutes if use the laptop just restarts itself. Removing the file fix the bootloop issue. Now, the method I used to hackintosh this machine is the infamous probook guide by rehabman and I noticed that in the aml files he provides there's a portion of the code that looks pretty similar to the one from SSDT-CX8200.aml so I assume that maybe causing the problem, but since I'm not really familiar with how and what to edit in those files without effing up the whole thing I was wondering if there's someone here that can help me. I'm attaching the two files and below you can find the portions of the code I find similar. (the 1st in bold the 2nd in italic) SSDT-CX8200.aml Name (_SB.PCI0.HDEF.RMCF, Package (0x02) { "CodecCommander", Package (0x06) { "Custom Commands", Package (0x03) { Package (0x00){}, Package (0x08) { "Command", Buffer (0x04) { 0x01, 0x97, 0x07, 0x24 }, "On Init", ">y", "On Sleep", ">n", "On Wake", ">y" }, Package (0x08) { "Command", Buffer (0x04) { 0x01, 0xA7, 0x07, 0x24 }, "On Init", ">y", "On Sleep", ">n", "On Wake", ">y" } }, "Perform Reset", ">n", "Perform Reset on External Wake", ">n" } }) } SSDT-4x0G4k.aml Name (_SB.PCI0.HDEF.RMCF, Package (0x02) { "CodecCommander", Package (0x04) { "Version", 0x00020600, "14f1_2008", Package (0x02) { "Custom Commands", Package (0x02) { Package (0x00){}, Package (0x08) { "Command", Buffer (0x04) { 0x01, 0x97, 0x07, 0x24 }, "On Init", ">y", "On Sleep", ">n", "On Wake", ">y" } } } } }) SSDT-4x0G4k.aml SSDT-CX8200.aml
  3. I tried the DSDT and the patches you listed (with the ones I already had it acpi/patched present as well) the audio is working alright but the computer again restarts randomly and I have a problem with the GPU now for display the system says that I have external display and the GPU has only 7 mb in about this Mac. and the brightness is not working. I'm attaching new files of the runme app as well as the error log that the system wants to send to apple after a faulty restart. error log.rtf Send me maxs-MacBook-Pro.zip
  4. Should I remove anything from config.plist or just change the things you listed, also should I remove anything from acpi/patched and just put your file in there or keep the things I already have? also what do you mean by "brightnness, check ssdt+weg kext" I already have whatevergreen installed?
  5. Bump @MaLd0n could you please take a look. (sorry for being anoying)
  6. You can find the outcome of the Runme attached Send me maxs-MacBook-Pro.zip
  7. Hi, A little bit of backstory: I have HP ProBook 440 G5, I installed Mojave with Rehabman's guide even though it's saying my device is experimental but reported as working. Everything works find except the headphone jack. Here on the forum I've found a kext +ssdt patch which resolved the problem with my headphone jack, but completely messes up with my power management. The battery completely dissapeared and whenever I unplug the laptop it restarts, also it restarts after around 5-10 min of work just randomly. Removing the kext and the patch fixes the issues. So I'm no expert but I assume there's something with the DSDT which needs fine tuning. Could you please take a look at my setup and help me if you can I'm attaching complete reporting files (DSDT/Clover etc.) because since I've used the hot patch guide some of the patches are most likely present in the config.plist file. P.S The ssdt patch which compliments the AppleALC present given to me is called SSDT-CX8200.aml you can find it in clover/acpi/patched debug_17941.zip
  8. jonny33

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    I tried this with id 15 the headphones are not getting recognised at all (internal audio ok internal mic ok)
  9. jonny33

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Thanks, I'm using the same kext as well, however it's from the hotpatch probook guide, I don't have anything custom made for my specific machine
  10. jonny33

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Actually the one given to @an3k by @Andres ZeroCross with the additional .aml file and id 21 works better (cause it enables completely external mic as well) however it also f's up my power management, and for the of god I can't figure out why.
  11. jonny33

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    I have CX8200 on Probook 440 G5 and tried the one you gave to @DoZe (the one with ID 15) and it works well (internal/external audio ok/ internal mic ok/ external mic is producing only noise whenever you speak to it). Also the kext messes up with power management for some reason (battery dissappears and whenver unplugged the laptop restarts, do you have any idea on why is that?
  12. jonny33

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hi there, I have CX8200 on my probook 440 G5, however I can't seem to find a solution for the headphones jack it doesn't get recognised whenever I plug anything. I used the quoted kext you gave to @an3k and it worked very well, however the .aml file which is to be placed in ACPI/patched heavily messes up with my computer, and it restarts afer 5 min of work also if I unplug the charger it goes off, if I remove it this problems dissappear however the headphone jack stops working as well. Could you please help. I'm attaching the codec dump codec_dump.txt