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  1. hahaha, what the f**k here's mine: MetaBYte@mac.com butt, the damn app (Ichat) is not responding? need to update it?
  2. We need more organization

    In my opinion... concentrate on MAC OS X86... It's here, and it's here to stay, if you focus on other aspect you will lose overall qualiy off the forum. What can be aproved, the wiki, overall quality off the posts etc. It's amazing how many people are struggling with installing the whole thing, like partitioning your hardrive and things like that. To be true, i've read a lot of topics and the quality is very low, due to the fact that there's is not a real good howto to setting up the whole stuff, on the other hand, expieriend users now what they are doing, they don't need a real wiki or things like that. For me, i would like to see progress on writing drivers, what programs are working etc. the rest i KNOW, i found out myself. To be short, admin, do something, the quality must be of a higher level... cheers (forget the bad englilsh, just a stupid dutch guy...)
  3. USB Sound

    for anybody out there... TRUST 510EX USB 5.1 sound expert external (29 euro) Full stereo/5.1/6.1/7.1 working. cheers
  4. refreshrate

    For anybody out here, Have installed the DVD of MAC OS X86 after first paying a bit with the deadmoo image: With my Geforce3 TI 200 i had no results when changing the refreshrate in the "comm.apple.Boot.plist" file it ended always up in 60hz. However, after installing the DVD refresh rate changing works fine, have 1024x768x24@85 now working.. Seems to me it has someting to do with Darwin on the DVD, shall find it out and let you now later. cheers
  5. Hi there, want to buy a USB Sound device for OS X86. Which one has 5.1 output on it? or all just stereo? cheers